Captain Earth Episode 9 Recap – “Magical Girl Akari-chan”

aiatarOk Captain Earth – you win this round…

Captain Earth Episode 9 Recap – “Magical Girl Akari-chan”

In answer to my question if this was going to turn into a “enemy of the week” show, Captain Earth sent me a resounding yes. :/ Disappointing, but the show still has some merit. It’s definitely not for their villains though. Most of it’s strength comes from Akari, and luckily she is the focus of this episode.

After getting briefly introduced to our next Machine Goodfellow (and she’s an idol singer…blegh), we see that the Midsummer Knights team is in the city of Shinjuku. They recount some of the things they discovered from the last battle, especially considering the orgone energy. It takes EXACTLY three minutes and fifty-nine seconds to download, so they have to stop the Goodfellows during that time frame. It’s enormously silly, but I guess it fits the tone of the show. Another good bit of info is that the head is the weak point of the Kiltgangs.

Elsewhere Moco and Amara plan to kidnap Akari, believing that she is the Knight’s weak point. Therefore proving just how dumb they are. Hana is their weak point! She let Salty Dog kidnap her without even a whiff of a fight. I’m sure if you tried to steal her she would just faint into your arms. Also, they describe Akari as looking “like she is still just a kid.” *cough* Maybe because the Midsummer Knights….are all kids? These guys really are Team Rocket at times.

Akari has to get a new computer in town since her old one was fried during the fight with Zimbalt last episode. Teppei offers to go with her, but Akari stresses that she can take care of herself. Throw in another “I’m the only one not contributing” from Teppei. Again, Hana does nothing in this episode. She’s been useless this entire series. So stop it Teppei. It doesn’t matter though as Zin and Amara kidnap Akari anyways.

They aren't exactly being subtle here about who the next Kiltgang is...
They aren’t exactly being subtle here about who the next Kiltgang is…

Meanwhile, Our teen idol Ai is having a mental breakdown before her concert. Moco approaches her, causing Ai to ask her if she’s from the theatre staff. “Do I look like I’m from the theatre staff?” Honestly, with that get up, YES! After pulling her “I’ll kiss your powers awake” trick, Ai awakens as Aiatar. So basically, the bad guys recruit their ranks by assaulting them sexually. Great. Just great.

Akari is held hostage by Amara and Moco, who force her by gunpoint to hack against her own team. And no, bullets don’t work that way. You can not shoot a bullet towards someone and have it graze their face. Yes I know this is a nitpick! It doesn’t help that I don’t feel any threat at all from these villains. They have proven less than capable of pulling anything off over the course of nine episodes.

After two overlong launch sequences, and a mech fight, Daichi shoots off Aiatar’s mech head with his Livlaster – only 3 seconds before it would have been too late. Akari was hacking them during the fight but it really didn’t matter that much.

Akari then proves just how much of a better female character she is. The aliens have her seemingly cornered, but she’s hacked into the commands for the nuclear missiles around the world, and if they don’t let her leave unscatched they will launch in ten minutes, destroying the Earth. Don’t mess with Akari.

Akari wins this round
Akari wins this round

Ok Captain Earth, you had enough badassery with Akari this episode to keep me going for at least until next week. I hope we get some more character development for Daichi as well, as he has been a bit static for the last few episodes. I expect nothing from Hana, which is honestly pretty sad. Despite my complaints, I like the plot line they have going with Teppei, he has been an interesting character so far. Still, Akari is the strongest character in the show. Till next week!


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