Black Bullet Episode 9 Recap – “The Protectors of the Barrier”

ShomaDid something actually happen this episode?

Black Bullet Episode 9 Recap – “The Protectors of the Barrier”

I have a funny feeling that something happened this episode of Black Bullet, but I’m not sure what it was. Otherwise, this was just a filler episode to prolong the inevitable battle for the monolith. It’s so weird how this show can sometimes move so slow, and other times so fast that we skip through pivotal plot points. The damning factor is that when it’s moving slow, it’s empty of any character development. Unlike this week’s episode of Chaika – The Coffin Princess, where arguably nothing plot wise happened – but we got some great character development for Toru and Akari. The time wasted on Black Bullet is just Rentaro screwing around either with Enju or Tina. Instead of showing his “fun side” and how he just wants them to feel like normal children, it instead feels like he’s not taking the situations seriously. See my complaints about how they screwed around at the mall while they should have been out recruiting civil officers for the inevitable collapse of the Monolith.

Anyways, Rentaro and Tina have come to visit Sumire. Sumire also lets slip that a man by the name of Nagisawa Shoma came looking for Rentaro. It’s Rentaro’s senior in the martial arts, who left the dojo suddenly without explanation. Changing the subject, Tina says that Ayn Rand will soon pursue her for defecting from their ranks. I’ll give them points for including this now, but then take those points away for not doing it last episode. They didn’t even mention it last episode. Even so I don’t think any consequence will come of this – so far Black Bullet has been no consequences – the show. How many times have people been hospitalized with no lasting effects?

After a back and forth conversation about the humanity of the Cursed Children, Sumire shows Rentaro that data she was able to get with his new security clearance from Seitenshi. I will give this show that – they have done a good job developing the backstory of the Cursed Children. Sumire can access the info bank that houses the records for the Gastrea War – records that were supposedly destroyed. She can’t open the files though, but they now know that someone is keeping these concealed. The destruction of Nanahoshi Village is also somehow tied into the bike inside the Inheritance of the Stars from a few episodes back. Kisara calls with bad news though, as the general public has found out about the disintegration of the Monolith, even before the official announcement.

The local news has already discovered the crumbling structure, and thus Seitenshi has to call an emergency conference. As such, she appears to be taking the blame for it by the public. However, I don’t think that will matter in the long run. Again, if you are a good guy in this show it doesn’t matter what you do, a deus ex will pop up and clear you of any trouble. Heck, if you are a bad guy, you will probably get away with it. See what happened to Kikunojo!

So different “adjuvants” of civil officers are camping out in prep for the battle against the Gastrea. An “adjuvant” by the way, is an ingredient used in vaccines. Seriously…just call them “teams” of civil officers. In fact that’s what I’m going to do. Enju and Rentaro look around the camp for another pair to join their team. We know it’s the tall white hair dude with a girl wearing a wizard hat, because they gave that away in the opening song long ago. If it sounds like I’m bitter about this show I am. I was expecting more of it than I got, and it’s devolved into quite a mess now.

"Team team team?" "Team team team team team."
“Team team team?” “Team team team team team.”

Anyways, Shoma joins their group along with his Initiator Fuse Midori. Fuse is a Model Cat Initiator, who uses long sharp nails for a cut/slash attack. Shoma is a Martial Arts user like Rentaro. Shoma also confirms that he and Midori were not the ones who murdered another pair in the camp earlier. Kisara also shows up at the camp and announces she’ll be the fourth pair in their team, with Tina Sprout as her partner. There was some hoopla about Tina’s Initiator rank being revoked, but again, as this show has no consequences – Seitenshi just resolved that behind the scenes. There was absolutely no point in including that.

A meeting is called in the camp, where General Garo Nagamasa has an announcement: they are the back up plan. There are to be on standby in the camp should they be needed. Rentaro suggests that they should move the camp closer to ground zero, and also adds that he thinks that call for help will not come. The meeting ends before it can get too confrontational though.

So did anything actually happen this episode? Well we met another two characters. Other than that, nothing much. Here’s the problem with that though. We met them, but we didn’t learn anything about them except for their attacks. In fact, the same could be said about the Tamaki siblings last episode. I know there are the constraints of fitting everything into the 13 episodes they’ve got, but you could at least give me one other thing about these characters that would make them more interesting. Or at the very least don’t introduce them in episode 8 or 9.


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