Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 9 Recap – “The Value of Memories”

memoriesThere will be some spoilers this time.

Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 9 Recap – “The Value of Memories”

Bad news – Chaika needs more magical fuel for their vehicle before they can travel more. Unfortunately for them, today is the End of the War Anniversary festival, so every shop is closed. They can’t travel to the next town either, as they only have half a days supply of reserve fuel. Spoilers spoilers spoilers! Chaika offers an alternative way of powering the vehicle – with her own memories. Toru asks her not to use this method again. End spoiler!

In the capital, Vivi and Gilette are attending their own version of the festival, where they stop a thief from stealing a noblewoman’s wallet. The man has no respect for Gilette as he can see that Gilette is from a noble background. This is an example of the class division of this world, as this man has no money and no career options, being a former soldier. It was much the same for Toru before Chaika hired him. Instead of arresting him Gilette tells Vivi to let the man go. The man sends back a bitter comment about “justice” before disappearing into the crowd. Who should be watching the altercation from a balcony but Guy – Chaika’s mysterious informant. Is this the real thing, or another hologram? Or is Guy just a creation of magic anyways? I’m curious to find out…

The other members of Gilette’s team were in similar situations of being outcasts in society until Gilette recruited them. Alberic obviously respects those of a class lower than him, and he doesn’t seem like too bad of a guy. He might be a character who teams up with or helps out Chaika later in the game. At the very least, he raises the question about what “justice” is, in this world and to himself. He isn’t quite sure, especially since he ran into White Chaika. Just then Chief Conrad’s assistant arrives with urgent orders.

Chibi Toru is pretty adorable.
Chibi Toru is pretty adorable.

While they search for an open store, we get some needed backstory on Toru and Akari. I already know their values and ruthlessness from previous episodes, as well as a good sense of what their actions. We didn’t know too much about their past though, and this episode remedies that to an extent. They were born in the small remote village of Acura (their last name must not be real then) where you start Saboteur training as soon as you can walk. The training is strict and harsh, as was their mentor, who called Toru a “half-wit” and Akari “stubborn.” “Don’t compliment me brother, I might blush.” “That wasn’t a compliment.” Heh, I love Akari’s wackiness, it adds great bits of humour to this show.

Akari heads back to check up on the vehicle and Fredrica, while Chaika and Toru keep looking for a shop. Eventually they do find one open, where they get into old memories again. Chaika asks if Toru has any bad memories since she can’t remember most of her own. Toru tells her the story of a caravan that went through his village often. Led by a woman named Hasumin, the caravan with slaughtered by bandits. Toru was only a kid, but he was very attached to Hasumin, demonstrating every new Saboteur technique he knew to her. Sadly he also was there to witness her last breaths. In retaliation, the adult Saboteurs killed the bandits, but Toru has never been able to get over the fact he couldn’t save Hasumin. While I have heard that this was more fleshed out in the light novel, (Hasumin had a baby that also died for example) I do think including it here was important. It adds to Toru’s psyche and valour, even within his value set as a Saboteur, which is concentrated on obeying your masters. And as Chaika points out, it demonstrates why Toru saved her from the unicorn in episode one, even without her being his master.

Toru asks the shop owner where they can get a large quantity of this magic fuel, and the man suggests the next domain over, which is under the eye of Duke Gavarni. He also adds that the lord of that domain is said to have some of the Emperor’s remains. He may not one of the heroes who defeated Emperor Gaz himself though, just someone who bought the remains with a high amount of money. Spoiler: On the way back to the vehicle, Toru asks Chaika if she can choose which memory she loses if she uses them as magical power. Sadly, she can’t. *End Spoiler* It’s onto Gavarni’s land next episode, as Gilette’s crew is travelling there as well as our heroes. According to those urgent orders from Conrad, a floating fortress has been circling the area…

I think Kid Akari's hair is bigger than her head!
I think Kid Akari’s hair is bigger than her head!

I enjoyed the character development this episode, as not every episode has to be out and out action. I like that the show is taking the opportunity for it since they already have a second season. I continue to be interested in the show’s mystery as well, especially just who or what Guy is. Keep on truckin’ Chaika, keep on truckin.

2 thoughts on “Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 9 Recap – “The Value of Memories””

  1. This episode while sad because the last moments of Hasumin were that. I think it was nice to see how Toru but mostly Akari are basically the same people now from when they were smaller.

    Yes, let’s hope Chaika keeps on truckin which come to think of it she’s been driving some many times throughout the series:)

  2. There’s hasn’t been an “awful” episode yet! I think Toru has changed a bit more than when he was Kid Toru than Akari. But then again, Akari’s had the least amount of character development in the show.

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