One Week Friends Episode 9 Recap – “Last Day With Friends”

memories goneIt was all going too well!!

One Week Friends Episode 9 Recap – “Last Day With Friends”

It finally happened, the sad hammer finally dropped on One Week Friends. But before we get to that bombshell, it’s the last day of summer vacation. Our fearsome foursome have gathered at Fujimiya’s house for a summer homework group.

Shogo’s already finished all his, and Yamagishi hasn’t even started hers XD. Opposites attract? In the past years, Yamagishi would just copy the answers off of someone. Shogo mutters that she really hasn’t changed since elementary school. Meaning he’s probably the one that she copied off of, but she can’t remember him at all. Instead of starting her work, she goes to watch a tv show, dragging Fujimiya with her.

Hase asks Shogo if Yamagishi annoys him. Shogo pays it no mind, she’s not like she usually is. Hase sees through his facade and knows that he actually is worried about her. “Now you’re starting to annoy me.” Shogo quips. 😛

During their math work Fujimiya shows the most emotion we’ve seen all show – talking about how math is a puzzle, and you’re on a journey to solve it. Don’t know if you sold me on that, but you certainly got their attention. During a snack break, Fujimiya’s mom thanks Hase for making her daughter so happy lately. This causes Hase to wonder if he is actually helping Fujimiya. Shogo reminds him that “the process is more important than the solution.” Shogo really is the glue that keeps these four together, even if they don’t know it.

The two best characters in the show.
The two best characters in the show.

Shogo and Yamagishi head home, and before they part ways, Shogo hands Yamagishi his math answers. He uses the standard “I was bored excuse” but we know there’s more to it than that. Yamagishi remembers that there was someone who did this once for her in elementary school as well. (Called it!) Shogo did it for her anonymously, dropping the notebook in her locker. He wanted to spur her to be able to do things for herself and not be trodden on everyone at school. He’s really a softie at heart, and we even get a little half-smile from him. Honestly, I think these two are far more interesting than Hase and Fujimiya. They feel more fleshed out then them at least.

Speaking of Hase and Fujimiya, they have a heart to heart about the blossoming of their relationship. Of course it ends up with Hase tripping on top of Fujimiya, who touches his cheek – and her mother peeks through the door. “It wasn’t what it looked like!” XD

The first day back at school has come and Fujimiya surprises Hase by meeting him on the walk to school for the first time. “I feel like something good will happen today!” Fujimiya exclaims… *shakes head* Oh dear Fujimiya, you just said the worst thing you could say. Now we know something horrible will happen.

Fujimiya and Hase end up seated next to each other, which seems to be a miracle at first. But then – DUN DUN DUN – it’s a new transfer student, Kujo Hajime. He gets the empty seat beside Fujimiya, whom he recognizes. She doesn’t remember him of course, but he seems to be holding a grudge against her. He accuses her of breaking their promise and being a traitor. She manages a “Hajime-kun…” before fainting.

Kujo Hajime
Kujo Hajime

Upon waking up in the sick bay she’s okay, but we get some horrible news – she’s lost all her memories of Hase again. It was going far too well, especially with only being 9 episodes in. All the same, I do think Fujimiya will recover from this set back. Something tells me this show won’t have too depressing an ending. This is just an obstacle for her to get over, with the help of her new friends.


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