Captain Earth Episode 10 Recap – “On The Windy Planet”

Teppei's new mech Nebula
Teppei’s new mech Nebula

Ok fine Captain Earth, you win again.

Captain Earth Episode 10 Recap – “On The Windy Planet”

Mopey dope Teppei is operating separate from the team this time as he is back at Globe testing his powers including his newly acquired Livlaster. He still feels that the isn’t contributing to the team at all since he lost his Kiltgang powers. (At least I think he did lose those powers?)

The rest of the team is preparing for their next opponent, who is a woman named Lin, a motorcyclist who rides “like she was on the wind.” She is also part of some experiment named “Install” that is under the eye of a scientist by the name of Marimura. It is being funded by a “Robin,” who could be one person or a whole organization. It’s based on hypnosis it appears, but before we can learn about that, Moco and Amara barge in and make Lin into another Kiltgang. That’s all the character development you get Lin! Interestingly Marimura knows and recognizes that all three are Designer Children.

Say hello to Lieban
Say hello to Lieban

This new Kiltgang is Lieban, who not five minutes later has an underwater mech fight between her and Daichi. This time Daichi is not able to stop them from activating in time, and her own Kiltgang mech appears in Earth space.

At the Globe base, Teppei wants to go fight it in a unfinished mech called the Nebula. Nishibuko won’t allow it, but Akari and Westvillage have already gone behind Nishibuko’s back to teach Teppei how to pilot it. Nishibuko decides to allot the decision to Daichi, who gives Teppei the go ahead. Cue Teppei getting his own overlong transformation sequence. Meh, it comes with the territory I guess.

Supah quick Lieban
Supah quick Lieban

SPACE BATTLE!!!!!!! Lieban is super fast, as per her motorcycle motif. So it’s up to Teppei to pull the old narrative trick. Yes the one you’re thinking of – the close me eyes and feel the energy flow trick. It works and Lieban runs away for the second time this episode. There is a small possibility though that Lieban might be a character that changes sides later. She liked the feel of the wind that Daichi created with his finishing attack.

Before we close the episode, we check back in with Marimura. After declining to report the attack to the police, she meets up with a young girl, in a room that appears to have another mech. This girl is Setsuna, and she has her own version of Pitz. Twice the annoyings yay!! It looks like we’ll get to know more about these two next episode. I admit I’m curious to know. It’s way better than last weeks episode, and I’m not quite ready to drop Captain Earth just yet.


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