Haikyu!! Episode 10 Recap – “Yearning”

karasuno volleyball clubReiterated – the episode 😛

Haikyu!! Episode 10 Recap – “Yearning”

Not much of anything actually happened plotwise this episode, but I still enjoyed it for some of the team building moments. Including Ukai’s nickname for Hinata – “Shrimpy.” XD In fact the majority of the episode is spent catching Ukai up on everything that has happened so far in the show, and showcasing the player’s talents and faults.

There are a couple moments to note though. One such is when Hinata is blocking against Asahi, and as he has shown before he can get a touch on that powerful spike. It goes out, but he still takes some off of it. It gets Hinata to thinking about the Little Giant, and he becomes so invested in it that Asahi’s next spike hits him – right in the face. 😛 His response is golden: “I’m used to getting hit in the face.” 😀

I'm blocking the ace

This angers Kageyama, who wants Hinata to stop thinking the ace is cool and being a decoy isn’t. Kageyama then turns to the neighbourhood team and blatantly tells them he is tossing to Hinata next, and to block him with all they’ve got. It’s because he wants Hinata to realise that being a decoy isn’t as uncool as he thinks it is. He can’t be the ace, but he can still get a spike with his speed and dodging skills. Asahi and Hinata also have a nice but awkward moment.

Ukai also notices that the team has a major issue with receiving, as we know from a few episodes ago. This was basically reiterated the episode, but it had enough comedy and character moments for me not to be complaining too much. Next episode, Training Camp.


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