Mushi-shi Episode 8 Recap – “Wind Raiser”

the torikazeNow I wish I could whistle T_T

Mushi-shi Episode 8 Recap – “Wind Raiser”

This week Ginko meets a young man named Ibuki who can control the wind mushi with his whistling. He uses his power to propel the ship he works on to get through danger and operate at quicker speeds than other ships. The wind appears to Ibuki as white flowing birds named Torikaze (Wind Birds). Ginko can control them as well, but only with a custom rock whistle. Ginko leaves the young man with a warning message: do not whistle at night or “something bad will happen.” When you say it like that Ginko, you’re just making him want to do it more!!

Before they part ways, Ibuki picks out a ornamental seashell as a gift. As evening closes in, Ibuki mistakenly whistles at night. Seeing nothing happening at first he whistles again. Suddenly the ship is filling with holes, creating by a flood of black snake like mushi. The ship sinks…

Gimme Gimme
Gimme Gimme

Having survived the sinking, he returns home to his family. His mother is cold and only asks if he got paid for the venture. He gives her the gift tentatively, but she balks at it and tells him to go sell it at a pawn shop. It appears that no matter how much Ibuki tries to please her she can’t be satisfied. It’s not long before holes start to appear in his family’s house, and the snakes begin to inhabit…

Ginko is in the same area, visiting Adashino (a village doctor who Ginko sells paranormal items to sometimes, one of the only recurring characters in the series). Adashino is approached about a woman who has fallen ill strangely, and it turns out to be Ibuki’s mother. She will die if the mushi are not driven from the house.

Such a cool image :)
Such a cool image 🙂

The resolution to this episode highlights the importance of having a welcoming and loving family, as well as using a power responsibly. As per usual there are tragic implications. Even though I don’t know the character of Adashino since I haven’t seen the original series, I thought he was a pretty peculiar and funny fellow. The humour of this show really sneaks up on you, but once it does it’s pretty damn funny. It should be no surprise that I loved this episode. 🙂


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