One Week Friends Episode 10 Recap – “Friends and Friends”

hase sadShogo has emotions??

One Week Friends Episode 10 Recap – “Friends and Friends”

In the wake of last week’s development, Hase has had to start all over with Fujimiya and her memories. The diary is still around so there is less trouble with introducing himself to her, but she has none of the happy memories they’ve built up over that last nine episodes. Kujo himself is unaware of her condition, so he just thinks she doesn’t like him.

On Monday, Kujo drops hints about past activities he and Fujimiya use to do like memorizing poetry, and when she doesn’t react, he thinks she is ignoring him completely. We can tell that even though he called her a “traitor,” he has a crush on her. When they have to push their desks together and share a textbook he is obviously flustered.

Kujo Hajime
Kujo Hajime

Shogo asks Hase if he is going to give up and run away. Hase won’t but he is certainly frustrated by it all. Kujo saunters in and nails the fact Hase has a crush on Fuijimiya. Kujo jokes that he might go for her too (he’s not joking but don’t tell him that) if he didn’t hate her so much. Shogo doesn’t quite know what to make of Kujo yet. Hase doesn’t like him, obviously :P.

On Tuesday, Fujimiya has brought a homemade lunch – with exactly 18 grams of sugar – without knowing what the number signifies. This sets Hase off, and he has to excuse himself to cry in the stairwell. FLASHBACK TIME! First we go to June 18th, where Fujimiya told Hase about her practice of marking down the 18th of every month. It was the first number that jogged her memory (in Episode 3), and now she uses it to spark it. Then it’s off to July 3rd, where she reassures him that he is helping her. Before he showed up, she had almost given up completely.

Shogo has emotions - who knew?
Shogo has emotions – who knew?

Yamagishi wants to help Hase and Fujimiya, but true to her character doesn’t know how to go about doing it. You really are a dunderhead sometimes Yamagishi. XD Shogo deters her, saying that she should let them resolve it themselves. Yamagishi compliments Shogo, thinking he seems like he “would make a good husband Kiryu-kun.” She also adds that she isn’t totally kidding. Shogo quickly dismisses it, and runs away blushing. He does have emotions! It’s ok, his snark is still the most prominent.

On Wednesday’s lunch, Fujimiya remarks that seeing Kujo fills her with nostalgia and apprehension but she doesn’t know quite why. Hase and her agree to go for crepes again after school. She just read the diary entry about it the other day. It’s Hase’s day to clean the classroom though, so Fujimiya has to wait at the crepe cart for him. Who should show up but Kujo and two of her former grade six classmates. He asks her if she really doesn’t remember him. She tries to tell him about her memory loss, but can only get out the word “sorry”. Fujimiya apologizes to Kujo and confides to him to that she might not remember him BECAUSE he was a friend.

One of the girls giggles that Kujo and Fujimiya could have been dating in grade six, to which Kujo blushes again. “We heard you got to him first,” the girl adds. This triggers old memories of her friends being angry at her for stealing Kujo. Distraught, she runs off – just as Hase gets there. Angry at Kujo, he demands to know if he did something to her. Kujo thinks Fujimiya was just using a weird excuse earlier, so Hase clues him in to her condition.

What does Hase mean to you?
What does Hase mean to you?

Obviously, Kujo isn’t going to buy it. He then turns on Hase and asks if Fujimiya and him really are friends or she is just lying about that too. Hase counters him with a stalwart: “no matter what anyone says, we are friends.” Elsewhere, as Fujimiya walks along the river bank, Yamagishi catches up with her. She asks Fujimiya: “Until recently you thought Hase was a special friend right?” Fujimiya doesn’t answer her just yet…

Now that the anime has caught up to the manga I have no idea where this is going to go next. Like I said last week, I think it will be a happy ending. Here’s hoping! Kujo may seem like a bad guy now, but I think he just feels betrayed and is acting out like someone normally would. Hopefully he and Fujimiya can patch up – but I also don’t want there to be a love triangle in this show. That might leave a bad taste in my mouth.


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