Black Bullet Episode 10 Recap – “Tokyo Area Defensive Battle”

the girls of Cursed Children schoolSpoilers deathflags spoilers deathflags spoilers…

Black Bullet Episode 10 Recap – “Tokyo Area Defensive Battle”

With the battle at the Monolith incoming and both sides amassing their forces – – we start off at the school for the Cursed Children created by Kisara and Rentaro. Seems like an odd choice to kick it off in. (It’s not if you know what’s coming) Rentaro hands a printout to the girls with the headline “My dreams for the future.” On a side note, the opening theme did remind me that there’s a lot more female characters in this show then there are male characters. It’s one of the few positives remaining, even though they don’t have a great deal of character development.

Anyways, running the school is a welcome distraction for Kisara and Rentaro, as the three days until the monolith crumbles are fast approaching. It means they have time to take the kids on a field trip to the “Flames of Revolution” installment. It’s a group of statues that commemorate the victories during the Gastrea War. In gratitude, the girls gather together and thank Rentaro collectively. They all want to marry him and they he’s cute – blah de blah. Wait….characters that have had little to no screen time getting development and happy moments? DEATHFLAGS!!!

Kisara and Rentaro check out the disintegrating monolith that night. Why is it the only one that’s being attacked out of all the ones protecting Tokyo? Rentaro thinks there might be something more about this particular structure. It’s at this point that the animation goes on vacation, as the faces seem especially unfinished. In fact, the animation for the show has seemed to get worse and worse at the episodes go on. Kisara and Rentaro have a moment together in the shadow of the Monolith. Kisara is worried that this happiness will go away soon, but Rentaro promises to protect her. They link hands and it seems that romance just might be in the air. Two more days left until the battle.

The next day, some guys are bullying the blind Cursed Child at the mall again. The musical score for this scene was pretty damn silly. Big bombastic choir, static chords, lyrics that sound like “DO DO – DE DE DO DO – DE DO”. It’s just distracting to be honest. He drives off the bullies and tells her to go home for the day.

Kisara and Rentaro sitting in a tr- grass.
Kisara and Rentaro sitting in a tr- grass.

Back at the camp Kisara has gotten the research for the Monolith. She scans it quickly and then throws it into the campfire angrily. Rentaro grabs it out of the fire and discovers that the monolith under attack was funded by one Tendo Kazumitsu, Kisara’s brother. At least I think it’s her brother. The subs didn’t quite make it too clear.

And the next morning – you know a show isn’t operating on all cylinders when it pulls this twist and you don’t feel much emotionally. I’m going to put the spoilers anyways, but if you were paying attention to the beginning of the episode, you will likely work it out on your own. Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers: Rentaro and Enju head out to the school, (Tina and Kisara slept in that morning) only to find it has been leveled by a bomb – that killed all of the Cursed Children. It was pretty obvious for many reasons. 1. He enjoys being a teacher 2. The girls were happy, laughing and giggling when he was around 3. They were announcing their plans for the future 4. These were characters we didn’t spend much time with before and then were suddenly highlighted for the majority of this episode. As such, I didn’t really feel that sorry or sad for their deaths. We barely had any time to get to know them, and the character moments they did get felt very rote to this genre of anime. I never felt anxious or concerned about these girls or their plight, even with the focus on the rights for the Cursed Children over the course of the show. Anyways, Rentaro starts to read the “dreams for the future” handouts but then chooses to let the wind carry the papers away.

In a phone call with Kisara, Rentaro airs his grievances. Apparently there were Varanium parts in the bomb to max the casualties, making it a targeted attack. Who is he really fighting for if crap like this can still happen? Kisara responds that they are fighting to win this battle and create change in the Tokyo area. It’s a small chance, but it could change the minds of the people about the Cursed Children. Rentaro: “What a shitty job a civil officer is.” Kisara: “But’s that exactly why it’s worth doing.” I’m not sure I follow your logic there Kisara. *shrugs* :/

And then to compound matters, the Monolith falls – one day early. I had expected something to go wrong with the planning for the Monolith battle. I didn’t expect it to happen one day before, but I didn’t think everything would go to plan. Rentaro attributes it to the wind, but I think it has something to do with the one surviving Cursed Child (the blind one from the mall). She is singing at the exact moment the Monolith collapses, and is staring right at it from across the water.

tee hee we were just plot devices tee hee
tee hee we were just plot devices tee hee

Next episode appears to be the battle, and the main villain Kagetane is back. But honestly, did you really think he was dead in the first place? This show is not full of any surprises, but despite my complaining I’m still going to ride it out. It’s not nearly bad enough to dismiss completely. The action is still enjoyable at least.


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