Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 10 Recap – “Fortress In The Sky”

floating fortress stratusA cliffhanger! You jerks! 😀

Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 10 Recap – “Fortress In The Sky”

The ending to this weeks episode of Chaika has left me anxious for next weeks, even though I don’t truly fear for the fates of our main characters! Despite their safety, the show has set up a pretty good cliffhanger with several unwrapped and developing threads. Things are really amping up!

The gang is in the town of Iveco this time, getting fuel for Chaika’s Gundo for an emergency supply. Something is off about this town though, as everybody is staring at Chaika as she and Toru make their way through it. Toru picks up on the issue pretty quickly, as there appears to be no other girls around the town. Bad news – the only fuel they can attain is one small pan. Even in this town, which is supposed to be the highest producer in all of Duke Gavarni’s domain. The shopkeeper surreptitiously tells them that there is no shortage from the mines, but there are strict rules on how much they can sell. Gavarni takes a large amount of what they produce.

The reason for the town having no apparent young women is that the Duke regularly takes all the women into his mansion – and they are never seen again. He sends his own personal soldiers out to collect them. No one has gone to the mansion to check on the girls yet, because it’s not that easy to access; it’s the floating fortress Saora (talked about in episode 9). It crash landed here after being hit with a magic attack and Gavarni has been tasked with minding it since. But as Toru and Akari notice, things just aren’t adding up.

the floating fortress saora

Fredrica agrees to fly them, but only if Toru actually fights her after. “I don’t care if you kill brother, but please don’t leave any large wounds in him, I intend to have him stuffed.” Akari with the quick snaps again XD. They survey the fortress but there doesn’t seem to be a way in from the outside. Their plan will have to be for Akari to get “enlisted” by the Duke and taken inside.

Once inside, Akari separates from the other captured women and starts to check around. There’s some other guests as well – Vivi and Zita from Gilette’s team are inside. They’ve already searched the place and it’s nothing but storage rooms and empty space. Where could the control room be?

Meanwhile at the capital, the Council has successfully convinced the King to rally an attacking force against the Fortress. Chief Conrad tries to stop them, but he’s the only voice against the plan. The Council’s feathers are rustled from the killing of the emissary they sent in episode 9. Apart from the ground forces, the capital is also sending out their own floating fortress Stratus.

A boy with the air of nobility...
A boy with the air of nobility…

Zita sends a message by Matheus’ owl to Gilette: there are almost no people inside except for soldiers and it’s surprisingly quiet. Duke Gavarni hasn’t shown himself once; business appears to be run by a wizard name Grad Lancia. They did see a boy who appeared to be of nobility with Lancia once. Later, they get a message back, warning of the incoming force. They have until morning to evacuate.

I think I’ll leave it there for this episode, you’ll just have to watch it to see how we arrive at our cliffhanger, as well as the other reveals in this episode. As I have said before, I like Chaika too much to give away all the spoilers. The second half of the episode really amps up, and gets me more than excited for episode 11. I’m not sure what is going to happen, but I like that.  One more thing to note though and it is a spoiler, but a tantalizing one at that. There appears to be another Chaika on board and she is wearing a blue veil…


4 thoughts on “Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 10 Recap – “Fortress In The Sky””

  1. Yes! Another Chaika The Coffin Princess episodic review.
    Sorry about my excitement I just really enjoy reading your reviews.

    Ah, yes, the cliffhanger such a nice but suspense-filled touch. I can’t say not worried about the main characters’ fates because I am.

    1. Thanks! They are fun to put together. 🙂

      I’m not too worried since Chaika doesn’t seem like the kind of show to kill off main characters. I could be totally wrong of course :P. This isn’t Gen Urobuchi or anything. I’m really curious to see if this Chaika is another fake or not to be honest.

      1. No problem. We are talking about Chaika The Coffin Princess here so maybe no killing off of the main characters.
        I just finished Psycho-Pass just yesterday actually. I seriously cried a little for some of the characters. The deaths. Gen Urobuchi’s script-writing is definitely not something to mess with. Still despite that it was a profound series. I regret nothing.

  2. I haven’t seen Psycho Pass – yet. It sounds like an interesting detective/ cop thing. And I like the whole “probability” angle. I also see it’s getting a second season. I am behind on a lot of series, since I took a break from anime until this year. 😛 I honestly only got back into anime because of Madoka Magica though 😀

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