Baby Steps Episode 11 Recap – “Risk and Possibility”

sloowww motionThe conclusion of the match against Miyagawa 🙂

Baby Steps Episode 11 Recap – “Risk and Possibility”

Picking up from last episode, the match is still tied at 4-4. On Miyagawa’s side, he is surprised by Eichiro’s tenacity but he isn’t mad about it. To him the match has just become more fun. Across the net, Eichiro knows that he has to break Miyagawa if he wants to win the match.

He does no such thing though, as Miyagawa holds his next service game without any problem. Now he can win by breaking Eichiro. However, Eichiro was paying full attention during the last service game, and knows that Miyagawa tends to try either a low shot, a fast winner or a lob. Takuma has realised what’s going on as well, and that means the bromance is still on – er, I mean, he’s recognizes some of Eichiro’s smarts. Both Eichiro and Miyagawa hold serve until they end up in a tiebreaker for the match win.

Fast forward until it’s 5 all in the tiebreak, with whoever wins the next point getting a match point. It’s Eichiro’s serve as well, and he capitalizes. On Miyagawa’s return he stops short instead of moving up, hitting a strong winner back. Again copying Takuma (broooomance!). Eichiro has a match point but he needs to win on Miyagawa’s serve.

Eichiro resolves to take control of the point this time and go for a winner. It’s a definite risk, but it’s worth the possibility to win and get past the third round for the first time. Will Miyagawa serve wide or straight? Eichiro guesses wide – and Miyagawa serves straight, scoring an easy point with Eichiro completely out of position.

bad guess

However it doesn’t appear to be a complete waste. The gamble has gotten inside Miyagawa’s head, and he is suddenly wary of Eichiro’s return attempt. Miyagawa winds up his serve, and hits it into the net. His second serve is wide, resulting in a double fault. It’s match point for Maruo, on his own serve. It’s at this point that Miyagawa realises that Eichiro has been the one taking chances the whole match, while he’s been playing it safe. It was his mistake, especially in this tiebreaker.

This time it’s Miyagawa that moves up on Eichiro’s serve. He hits a return straight toward Eichiro’s face, causing Eichiro to get a racket on it in self defense. The inadvertent lob lands in – in slowww motionnnnn – and Eichiro wins!

Next week appears to be another training episode. While Baby Steps pales in comparison to the joy and fun of Haikyu!! this season, it’s still an okay entry into the sports anime genre – though I would like to see someone either than Eichiro play a match. The rest of the characters on the show just feel like space fillers at the moment.


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      1. ~~ I see x3 I’ve been thinking about watching Haikyu as well :)) but then again, I have this list of “to watch” anime that haven’t been touched for a while *sigh

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