Captain Earth Episode 11 Recap – “Through the Window of Setsuna”

orgone energyThe everyone but Midsummer’s Knights Episode…

Captain Earth Episode 11 Recap – “Through the Window of Setsuna”

Basically every character does something in this episode, except for our four heroes. Akari and Hana appear in about 2 mins, and Teppei and Daichi have a meaningless fight against Moco and Amara just to fill time. Other than that, a lot of stuff happens, especially exposition wise. Just not with any of team Midsummer Knights XD.

The pre-credit sequence is a aside to ten years ago, where inside a parked semi a young Setsuna is ordered to sing. Marimura is there with an unindentified man who is making the demands. Seeing as he’s got a mustache, large eyes and is overweight he’s obviously evil. When Setsuna sings, she generates “high density libido” that can be harvested as “orgone energy.” Apparently everything remotely evil in this show must be tied to a sexual reference. Oh I know it’s nothing new – maybe that’s why I don’t like it.

Anyways, back in the present, Rita has surreptitiously slipped away to a bar to question the bartender, who is a former detective. He quit 10 years ago because of the “Kanda incident”. Macbeth Enterprises had created six Designer Children (we’ve met most of them) that they were developing into weapons. An anonymous whistleblower called them out and the children were then seized. Macbeth was also being blamed for incidents where people were randomly falling into comas. I’m not sure if that last piece of info will have any relevance later. Captain Earth seems to be full of irrelevance.

There was then a regime change within Macbeth and the Kube family became the next executive team (we’ve met CEO Kube a couple of times but he hasn’t done much in the grand scheme of things yet). Takashi Kanda, the former CEO, took most of the blame and committed suicide. Rita wants to know why this detective quit, and what happened to those six kids. (Doesn’t she already know the answer to the second part? I mean…she works with two of them). The detective looked into the matter but poked too far and was then fired for it. He himself wondered if those children were really being taken care of. I’m pretty sure Rita knew most of this already, and this was just a convenient way for the writers to convey this exposition to the audience.

Kube is also thinking about the same subject, while in conversation with Puck. Before Kanda shot himself he phoned Kube and told him that he was set up to be the scapegoat, but not by Kube. He tells Kube to be careful before pulling the trigger. Kube asks Puck if he could ever kill someone. Kube obviously believes that Puck is the one that set up Kanda. He doesn’t say it out loud, but his expression belies it. We also get a hint that Puck could be the one who created the Designer Children – he describes them as “the weapons I devise”.

Setsuna and Lappa
Setsuna and Lappa

While all this is going on Akari and Hana are… sun tanning. I know the show wants to convey that they are still kids trying to life a normal life…but didn’t you two have something more important to do? And why is it whenever the team “relaxes” it’s the girls who do so, and the two guys are off actually doing things that concern the plot? Ok I get an pretty clear idea of why, but it doesn’t change the fact it’s annoying. Besides that, Pitz’s forecast powers have been more clouded lately. Probably something to do with Lappa, Setsuna’s own squeaking mascot that I want to throw into a blender. 😛 You mean Hana might starting having even less of a point? The girls then meet both Setsuna and Lappa, but don’t make much of it. You think they would react a bit more. *shrug* That’s their whole contribution to this episode.

With Marimura, she dismisses her assistant Ban, unwilling to show him any of the secrets behind the Install Project. All we know so far about this thing is that it makes the subject dream a specific dream. Hopefully they explain it a bit more down the road. There are two machines, so Ban asks how she is going to run the apparatus. “Wouldn’t it be fun if there was more than one of me?” she answers back. Does she mean Setsuna? Or is there really more than one Marimura? This show barely makes sense anyways so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was both. When Setsuna arrives home Marimura tells her it’s time for her “medical check-up,” meaning she isn’t telling Setsuna that she’s really a part of Project Install.

While running a test on Setsuna, Marimura – tries to kiss Setsuna – NO >_>. Fuck you Captain Earth. The whole assault you to awake your powers shit was passable with the other Kiltgang because they weren’t freaking 10 year olds. This is just disgusting, creepy and unnecessary. Sorry for being a stick in the mud, but I can’t stand by this. Setsuna pushes her away and runs a quick escape. Marimura tries to track her down but is then shot by her assistant. Oh I get it. They threw that shit in there just to make us non-caring about her apparent death. Now I really feel used and manipulated. It also turns out that Marimura’s assistant had been working for whoever “Robin” is all along.

Kanda committing suicide
Kanda committing suicide

Amara and Moco are on their way to activate Setsuna’s (or Siren as they call her) powers (aren’t they already activated?). We get a quick flashback to when Amara and Moco were kids, being given their first mechs by CEO Kube. You may be wondering where the hell Daichi and Teppei have been all episode…well they show up for a quick consequence free fight with Amara and Moco and then bugger off for the rest of the episode. Yup, that’s it. They are basically just an excuse for the aliens to be late to the scene of the shooting. Amara and Moco find Marimura’s blood but nothing else.

As you can plainly see I had a lot of problems with this episode XD. Captain Earth is running in “good enough just to barely watch” territory now. It’s about even par with Black Bullet at the moment, and if it continues into next season I’ll probably drop it, should something better come along.


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