One Week Friends Episode 11 Recap – “Important Friends”

avoiding ShogoThings appear to be coming to a head. Next week is the last episode you say?

One Week Friends Episode 11 Recap – “Important Friends”

Since the series appears to have caught up to the manga, it’s time to wrap up as much as we can in the next two episodes. There’s no word about a second season yet for One Week Friends, and I’m not all too sure it requires one. I think they’ve told most of what they can. Dragging the plot out too far would lose some of the show’s luster. (Not that it’s anything perfect, but it’s enjoyable)

There’s been a small time skip as it is now the first winter since Hase has become friends with Fujimiya. He can tell that her memories are building up again, even with the setback created by the sudden appearance of Kujo. On the lunch of November 7th, Fujimiya confides that she used to worry about Fridays, but now she can read the diary without feeling like the memories might be fake. Reading it fills her with a warm feeling, and the memories naturally fit into her mind without her doubting their validity. “You’re very important to me.” She tells Hase. “You’re very important to me too.” Hase answers back, not without some sadness. He thinks she only likes him as a friend.

Hase as usual is being very dramatic about the whole thing (he’s a teenage boy with a crush so I can cut him some slack) so he needs Shogo’s advice. He reminds Shogo that he said before that friendship is something that happens naturally, and not if you work hard at it. Shogo admits he might have said that, but he also told him to try harder so he can’t stop trying now. Yamagishi happens to be just around the corner, and as soon as she sees Shogo she runs and hides under a desk.

Yamagishi is clearly avoiding Shogo, and thinks that she made him mad. She wants to go apologize but she’s too scared of him. “He’s hot, but he’s kind of scary.” – Lol Nishimura! XD “Just try to imagine Kiryu-kun smiling all the time” – Serizawa suggests. “No that’s even scarier!” – Yamagishi. “I hear a rude conversation going on…” – Shogo. Well Shogo can you blame them? 😛

Nishimura asks Hase if anything happened during the visit to the crepe place since Fujimiya refuses to go there now. (Last episode, she ran off after remembering her grade six classmates bullying her). Since Hase doesn’t know the full story himself, he reluctantly turns to Kujo. Kujo isn’t quite sure what happened either, so he calls his old friends from grade six (the two girls from last episode) to see if they know.

They agree to meet at a restaurant. While they are waiting for the girls to arrive, Hase asks Kujo point blank if he likes Fujimiya. We know that Kujo does, but he brushes it off. Hase yells “Fujimiya-san!” and Kujo quickly turns his head to look – Hase was just faking him out. “Maybe I’ll go home,” Kujo grumbles XD. Hase convinces him to stay and tell him about what he and Fujimiya were like when they were little. “You say some pretty rude things sometimes you know?” Kujo says before begrudgingly telling him. I think I don’t mind Kujo as a character to be honest.

Both he and Fujimiya were popular in middle school. He hated his first name (which is Hajime), but Fujimiya was the first person to compliment his name. They weren’t dating though, as it was just elementary school. Kujo then turns the dime on Hase and asks if he and Fujimiya are just friends. Does Hase want the relationship to be something more? Kujo says he felt the same way in middle school. Fujimiya helped him out with math, like she does with Hase, but Kujo never felt they were anything more. It’s then that Kujo’s friends show up.

You ain't fooling nobody Kujo.
You ain’t fooling nobody Kujo.

They ask the girls where they were going to take the conversation next before Fujimiya ran away. They reveal that the Sunday before Kujo moved, they invited Fujimiya to the park, but she declined – she was going to meet Kujo instead. There was an old friend of Fujimiya who was jealous because she had a crush on Kujo. Then by plot coincidence, Fujimiya, Yamagishi, Nishimura and Serizawa all turn up at the same restaurant. They have just come from karoake, where Nishimura and Serizawa have asked Fujimiya if she can help out with the whole Shogo situation. They want her to create a time/space where the two can talk to each other. She’s happy to do so for Yamagishi.

Fujimiya catches Hase and Kujo out of the corner of her eye and eavesdrops on the conversation. Hearing them bring up the past causes her to remember her old friends accusing her, and implying that both her old friend and Kujo actually hated her. Distressed by this, she ran into traffic and got hit by a car. Hit by the sudden onset of this revelation, she drops her bag and they notice her standing there. Overcome with emotion, she starts crying. Yamagishi finds her and takes her home. She seems withdrawn and skips on dinner. She sits down to write in her diary…

Back with Hase and Kujo, they are waiting for a bus when Kujo gives his reason for inviting Fujimiya to the park; he wanted her to remember him before he moved out of town. So basically the whole plot of this show boils down to little girls are evil. I’m not sure if I’m a big fan of this reveal to be honest. On the one hand it’s refreshing for it not to be that Kujo turned her down or something along those lines. But on the other hand, I think it takes away from the emotional impact of the show, and feels a bit heavy handed. Not that I am knocking anti-bullying messages, trust me I was the target of bullies most of elementary and high school.

That Monday Hase makes his way to the roof tentatively, where he meets Fujimiya. She was worried that he wouldn’t come at all since what happened on Friday. She remembers what occurred at the restaurant even though today is Monday. She also feels like her fear has disappeared. “You’re a special friend to me, Hase!” she smiles. Hase has to excuse himself though, as he’s down in the dumps, thinking she doesn’t have a crush on him. Sure it’s overdramatic, but isn’t everything when you are in high school? High school usually is the time where you think the end of the world is about to happen.

Once again, he turns to Shogo. Shogo offers some interesting advice (as he always does): what good does thinking about it do now? Just go with your feeling as you have been doing. He even lightly kicks him in the back. I think I understand you far too well Shogo XD. Hase can see that he and Kujo’s situation isn’t all the different – what if he causes her to lose her memories again someday?

The next school day, Fujimiya tries to ask Hase about what they should do over the winter break. Maybe they should go to a New Year’s shrine – but Hase interrupts her and runs away. Confused, Fujimiya sees Shogo walking by and – Seriously? You’re ending it there?

hase, drama king

Oh, next episode is the last one. Gotcha. Things are obviously coming to a head here. The reason for the memory loss may not be my favorite reveal ever, but it’s not a noticeable detriment to the show. As we await next week, I’m still more interested in what happens between Shogo and Yamagishi to be honest. But that is a strength of the show as well, as it has capably crafted supporting characters who don’t just fade into the background. Any guesses on how it’s going to go?


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