Black Bullet Episode 11 Recap – “The Heart of Taurus, The Spear of Light”

aldeberan*kicks himself for ever watching this show*

Black Bullet Episode 11 Recap – “The Heart of Taurus, The Spear of Light”

If Black Bullet ever ends up getting a second season, count me out. This show started with a decent premise, but has gotten extremely mediocre. As we go into the final two episodes of the series/ this season, I’m not on the edge of my seat, nor do I care about the fates of any of the main characters.

Anyways, the battle between the Gastrea and the JASDF begins and ends just as quickly. The JASDF get owned in seconds so it’s up to the civil officers to fight the Gastrea. At least I think it is? Rentaro gets shit later for fighting even though other civil officers are fighting? This show either over explains some things, then doesn’t explain others at all. For example the reveal last episode that Kisara’s father funded the monolith that fell privately. If we had any mention of him before then maybe it would have had more impact. But the show didn’t really explain to us that it was her father. I only knew that because I looked it up after the fact. Also, we knew they were going to have to fight the Gastrea, so what was with the pointless “we were the back up plan” plot? It’s just more time wasting filler for this show.

The action for this episode was pretty good though. Everyone in Rentaro’s team (I’m not saying that silly name they use, it’s stupid) gets their kicks in and shows off some of their powers. Some random civil officer warns Rentaro that the Gastrea have something called “The Spear of Light” (just glorified lasers actually) before he gets eaten by a Gastrea. Ok then. And then the Gastrea just retreat…hold on – stop. You build up this shit for two episodes, and then the battle lasts only 4 minutes, with the enemy just retreating? What a waste of time. I really don’t feel any tension or foreboding, even with the death and gore. It’s just not used to an effective measure.

A Gastrea with eggs
A Gastrea with eggs

This gives everyone time to lick their wounds and recover. The JASDF/Civil Occifers were ravaged, and even though the Gastrea did suffer some losses, they can replenish with the infected bodies as they become Gastrea too. Sumire is the head of the ward, even though she was given the option to evacuate (an option only given to people in power). She’s also come to cheer on Rentaro; “if you stop, death will catch up to you.” No shit Sumire.

Rentaro’s entourage has moved into an abandoned hotel now (why? was the camp destroyed?). They have a hot meal and sit around and talk about why Aldeberan might have run away. See what I mean about the show never seeming that desperate or tense? For all it’s meh-ness, Attack on Titan felt like the world was about to end, every single episode. This only feels like the world will end if Rentaro gets too lazy and forgets to pick up his dry cleaning. But hey – doesn’t Tina look funny as a maid? Tina and Kisara have both noticed that mercury poisoning is involved in the battle. Kisara saw it in the patients, and Tina caught sight of a Stage Four Gastrea spitting out mercury with one of her Shenfield cameras. Before they can continue, Rentaro is called away to meet with Commander Gado.

Gado asks what the last moments of his son were like on the battle field. Who? Were we supposed to – – oh…it’s the guy who got eaten by the Gastrea. Why are you telling us now that he’s Gado’s son…..MAYBE IT WOULD BE MORE IMPACTFUL IF YOU TOLD US THIS BEFORE YOU KILLED HIM OFF YOU STUPID –  *breathes*. Apparently Gado lost a leg to Aldeberan once. Satomi thinks that Aldeberan is using pheromones to control the rest of the Gastrea. If they kill Aldeberan then they can disperse the rest of the Gastrea pack. How did he figure this out? What clues lead him to this revelation? EXPLAIN THINGS FFS! God damn I can’t wait for this stupid show to end.

Boo I'm Gado.
Boo I’m Gado.

Gado informs him that the mercury shooting Gastrea is Pleiades, and he could kill Aldeberan for them. Yup, I’m sure he’ll just go along with your plan. However, since Rentaro disobeyed orders *rolls eyes* his team is disbanded and he is ordered to eliminate Pleiades. If he doesn’t comply Satomi will face capital punishment. Yup, just like Tina faced the consequences when her rank was revoked and she dumped Ayn Rand as a master. She really suffered as a result didn’t she? NOPE >_>.

So since Satomi is a dum dum, he decides to go fight the thing by himself. Kisara doesn’t stop him either, because she is just as much as an idiot as he is. Immediately after he gets into the woods, Rentaro is attacked by a pack of wolf Gastrea. He is surrounded, but saved by Kagetane and daughter, co. They give him bandages, antibiotics and a warm fire. (If you thought Kagetane was EVER dead, just from falling into water, then you haven’t watched enough TV). Rentaro still doesn’t trust him though. They play a “I’m not telling you anything/ neither am I” game. Kagetane does let slip that he was watching the fight yesterday, but declined not to participate. The show then tries to bait the audience into caring about what Kagetane looks like sans mask, but I’m not biting, nor do I think it really matters. Kagetane once again tries to recruit Rentaro, and despite Satomi’s answer he predicts that he will join him eventually – after he sees the results of the oncoming battle.

The next morning, Kagetane directs him upstream of the river if he wants to engage Pleiades in battle. Both Kagetane’s decide to follow him as well…Thank god there’s only two episodes left of this. It’s also a saving grace that the show I watch after it is always Chaika – The Coffin Princess. It reminds me that  anime isn’t always as MEH as Black Bullet.

3 thoughts on “Black Bullet Episode 11 Recap – “The Heart of Taurus, The Spear of Light””

  1. it’s a shame about Enju she had lots of character potential and could have been treated like a awesome character instead of a relic on Rentaro’s harem collection.

    1. Unfortunately no one on this show has character development at all. Rentaro has lots of events happened to him, and his social stature improves but he has no character development. You’re right about Enju, she’s just another faceless loli there to worship him.

  2. rentaro and Enju’s relationship could’ve been like Gene starwind and jim hawking’s from Outlaw star typical sibling-like but noooo she just had to a crush on him just because.

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