Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 11 Recap – “The False Princess”

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Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 11 Recap – “The False Princess”

Forget what I said earlier about not worrying about main character deaths! This episode throws that out the window, and has made me very anxious for episode 12! Why can’t it be ten minutes from now? 😦 You see Black Bullet, this is how you correctly set up a cliffhanger / and a incoming/ongoing battle. I’ll try my best to keep the spoilers to a minimum this episode, there’s potential for a lot!

As Akari and Toru fight each other, Toru begins to figure out that she isn’t quite herself. (If you saw last episode you know why she’s acting odd and attacking her brother). Elsewhere, Layla takes Chaika to a separate room on the top floor, telling her to wait there until she gets back. They’ll talk about Chaika’s goal then.

fredrica -(

Down on level ground, Gilette and the rest of his team have arrived. Leonardo and Gilette will try and negotiate with the onrushing forces to buy some time for Zita and Vivi to escape, as well as stop the world from falling into full fledged war again. Matheus and Nikolai are on standby should Vivi and Zita contact them.

Speaking of Vivi and Zita, they are thinking of possible escape plans when they spy the Acura’s fighting. After saving Toru from a far fall down the fortress, they agree to trade info. They will tell Toru about the invasion, and he’ll tell them a way to get out of the fortress, despite Vivi’s reservations. Zita knows that Toru is the enemy, but right now the most important thing is to return to their team alive. The three then agree to temporarily team up; if they help Toru, he’ll take them with him upon escaping.


Meanwhile, Ricardo and Grad Lancia mobilize. Their target – the capital Cadwell. As they scheme, Layla has a deep talk with Chaika, revealing some very interesting spoilers about Chaika’s birth. She adds that once she knows the truth, her good feelings about her father will change.

As they make their way up to the top, Toru asserts that killing is just a means and not a ways for him. Zita appears to understand, but Vivi is a little more indignant about the whole thing. They then catch a bit of dried blood sticking out of the wall in the corner of their eyes. Disturbingly, it’s – spoilers, watch the episode, spoilers. It’s safe to say though that you can see the absolute disgust in Toru’s eyes. Gruesome to say the least.

What the heck is this? And what does it have to do with Chaika?
What the heck is this? And what does it have to do with Chaika?

Layla is indeed our Blue Chaika, and she has MAJOR SPOILERS about the truth of the many Chaika’s and what they are. She is also an interesting variation in the Chaika group, as even though we can tell she is more on the evil side of the spectrum, we can sympathize with her. The reason why she speaks in full sentences (unlike the other Chaika’s we’ve met) is spot on as well. I will spoil one thing about Layla though – Grad Lancia isn’t the one who made the drugs that control the soldiers and Akari – she is. Who should be listening into the convo but Fredrica – WHOA WHAT NOOOOOOO!!!!! WHAT – WHAT THE HELL?

Surveying the whole situation from nearby is Guy, who regrets all the added random elements to the event, but he relents that sometimes diversity is needed. I’m so curious to find out just what his role is in this whole thing. Is he the actual mastermind behind everything? Across the way, Gilette’s negotiations aren’t going so well. If he doesn’t back down they will have to see him as a traitor to the King. With Toru et al, they can’t take the vents because they are being guarded and the stairs are blocked by magic. The only way is to scale the outside. However it’s then that Akari busts in, leaving Vivi and Zita to fight her while Toru begins to climb. As Toru begins his ascent, Gilette draws his sword on the commanding Officer Setra, and Chaika bangs on the locked doors of the room…

Gilette surprises me!
Gilette surprises me!

I don’t mind the second cliffhanger because it was so well set up. I can’t wait at all for next week’s episode. I am definitely going to watch the three episodes together as a mini marathon. So far this has been an awesome three parter and a close to this first season. It’s going to be tough to choose between Chaika and Mushi-shi for best show of this season.

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