Captain Earth Episode 12 Recap – “Boy’s Battlefield”

bugbear or some shitBai bai Captain Earth!

Captain Earth Episode 12 Recap – “Boy’s Battlefield”

This is the last week that I’m covering Captain Earth. It’s nothing too horrendous, in fact it’s fairly average by mech anime standards. But it’s turned into a monster of the week show, and as such has become pretty boring and repetitive. I would rather not waste anymore time on it. But anyways, onto the last episode!

A girl named Kumiko remembers (via dream/nightmare) visiting a prison run by a overweight blonde lady. The lady offers her pick of the prisoners, who are all men or boys. She chooses a withdrawn boy with green hair. Also of note is the man who took her there; her father, who is a yakuza.

With the Midsummer Knights, we see that Hana does know how to do something either than nothing. She sneaks a kiss off of Daichi while he is sleeping. >_< Meanwhile below ground is a illegal boxing ring, where the green haired kid from the opening has become a champion boxer by the name of Baku. He wins his match easily, then is greeted by Kumiko after. She tells him that he can quit if he wants, but he can’t with her father ordering him to fight. He doesn’t want to quit either, as these fights mean nothing to him. Wouldn’t that make you want to quit? Why would someone want to do something that meant nothing to them? Writing – you’re not doing it right! Kumiko also has a fiancee in waiting – do I smell a trite romantic plot device?

OMG GUYS LOOK, HANA IS EATING SHE’S DOING SOMETHING! All Akari and Hana have done the last few episodes is eat, sun tan and swim. I have never expected much from Hana, but Akari seemed like a promising character, at least in the beginning. Now they are shunted to the side while Daichi and Teppei play save the world. Anyways, Rita alerts the Knights of the underground ring. Baku is the next Kiltgang obviously.

Baku or.... >_> Bugbear.
Baku or…. >_> Bugbear.

After Akari bribes the guards with money, they arrive for the beginning of a fight between Baku and “Gimerock Bomber”. Akari places a bet on Baku to win – Akari you really were the only good thing about Captain Earth. I’ll miss you at least. Baku swiftly disposes of Bomber, winning another match. But a new challenger flips his way into the ring – Amara. *yawns* I’m so bored of you and Moco now dude. When you see the same villains week in and week out you guy become Team Rocket Redux; boring, predictable and incompetent. There’s no sense of threat from you anymore. What about the other Kiltgang you’ve recruited? Bring them in sometimes!

The casino owner who employed Zin before he was awoken recognizes the smug look on Amara’s face. They tussle a bit before Amara gets him in a arm lock. He reminds him of the good times they had doing this when they were Kiltgang, when his name was — BUGBEAR? >_> Seriously? Bugbear? This show has had some stupid names but…Bugbear? The fuh –

Anyways, Bugbear *rolls eyes* has a heart that…causes earthquakes….XD. I’m so done guys. I’m just – so – done. Amara runs away (big surprise!!) only to come face to face with the casino owner in the alleyway. Zin shows up for a cameo to kill the casino boss with a metal rod. Well that was pointless. Wait…he survives a metal rod to the heart? He says he is immortal? You know I really can’t be assed to care at this point. There are WAY too many subplots in this show, and they are really clumsily handled. They bit off more than they could chew.

Let’s wrap this up shall we? It looks like they finally have a Kiltgang who could be a good guy, as Baku fights off Moco’s advances. “Don’t destroy the person I am now,” he says before jumping from an overpass onto a moving truck. While this is going on Kumiko awakens from another nightmare. Her father is sitting just outside her room. He asks her if he really is the one that she – never mind. Never mind what? Oh well I guess I’ll never know now.

Random Lady who probably has no point.
Random Lady who probably has no point.

I’ve just gotten tired of Captain Earth to be honest. It doesn’t keep me engaged for 24 minutes anymore. It’s fully committed to it’s monster of the week status, while simultaneously having too much plot for a show of that genre to handle. The characters apart from Akari are bland or useless. So bai bai Captain Earth. Who knows I might come back and check in later. But for now, it’s time to shelve this series.

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