Mushi-shi Season 2 Episode 10 Recap – “Depths Of Winter”

hibernating GinkoI have to wait until Fall for more Mushi-shi? 😦

Mushi-shi Season 2 Episode 10 Recap – “Depths Of Winter”

Good news and bad news this week. This is the last Mushi-shi episode until the fall 2014 season. It’s unknown whether the two unaired episodes will be shown, or just be bundled with a home release. I’m going to buy this show on Blu-ray or DVD anyways, but it would be nice if the two unaired episodes would be on Crunchyroll as well. But on the bright side, we are getting at least 12 more episodes in the Fall!

In today’s ep, Ginko is crossing over a mountain as winter is ending. The spring mushi will awaken soon, and when they do they will be hungry and persistent. This year spring appears to be coming sooner than expected as well. Even though he is responding to a summons, it’s not an extremely urgent one, so he decides to hole up for a few days until spring fully arrives.

Out of context images ftw
Out of context images ftw

One morning, he awakens in his small straw hut, expecting to see the signs of spring. Instead he is met by a fresh bed of snow and a continuous snowfall. Did he misread the signs? Even the Oroshibue (the Winter Mountain Wind Whistle) is still floating around. They aren’t at full strength, but they aren’t migrating into the wind.

Curiously, neighbouring mountains do not have snow, their own Oroshibue departed. He travels onwards but soon notices that he keeps doubling back to where he started, despite always going downhill. He’s figured it out; the mountain has been sealed by the Mountain Lord (each mountain has their own). He hasn’t been able to find the Lord or any other living creatures though. There are signs of several landslides however, so it appears that the Lord sealed it to allow the mountain to recuperate. It’s a risk though, as the mountain could die should the recuperation not be successful. And if the mountain dies, so does Ginko with it…

the mountain lord

The ending of this episode brought a huge smirk to my face. It’s a wonderful “cheeky bastard” moment, showing the playful comedy that Mushi-shi delves into at times. As always the music is beautiful as is the visuals, and the show just creates a sense of peace and understanding whenever you watch it. I cannot wait until Part 2 is broadcast in the Fall 2014 Season. I wish it was 10 minutes from now and not a few months. This and Chaika – The Coffin Princess were the standouts for me this season. Until we meet again Ginko!

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