One Week Friends Episode 12 Recap – “I’d Like For Us To Be Friends”

winter walkA fitting end.

One Week Friends Episode 12 Recap – “I’d Like For Us To Be Friends”

Episode 12 was a fitting conclusion to this series as a whole. If they wind up having a second season they left it open enough, but they resolved enough for a satisfactory end. As I said last week they don’t really need a second season anyways. I believe the most important parts have already been told.

Episode 11 closed with Fujimiya and Shogo both recognizing Hase’s awkwardness around her. The two then meet outside the classroom. Fujimiya asks Shogo why Hase is avoiding her – did she do something to anger him? Shogo thinks that Hase is afraid to be around Fujimiya since he has been comparing himself to Kujo a lot lately. He doesn’t want to cause her to lose her memories again. That would hurt him more than anything. Fujimiya had no idea how Hase felt about it (true to her character). It seems Shogo is the only one of our main characters that actually pays attention XD.

It’s now Friday, December 19th. In this short time, both Fujimiya and Hase have become friends with Kujo, much to Kujo’s surprise. Since it’s winding down until the winter holiday, Hase’s group is picked to complete cleanup duty outside. Yamagishi avoids Shogo, making the excuse that she needs to throw out the bag full of leaves just so she doesn’t have to talk to him. He goes after her anyways (calmly, not like drama king Hase), and asks her point blank why she has been avoiding him. Her tears begin to flow (DRAMA!) and she blubbers that if she didn’t like him so much it wouldn’t be a problem. She thought he was angry about the whole “I want you to be my husband” interaction. He apologizes to her and she asks if she can keep depending on him. “Fine, you can keep depending on me,” he answers her, patching up that B plot. I like how they didn’t go too overboard with it all, leaving it as friendship that could turn into something more later. They are only kids after all. I always found it kind of weird how Sakura and Shaoran were madly in love with each other (in the second Cardcaptors movie) even though they were only 14.


It’s now December 24th, the last day of school. Both Fujimiya and Hase are taking vacations out of town. It’s been awkward between the two for a while now, and everyone but them has noticed it. Seriously, even Yamagishi has noticed it. Of course, both of them are lying about leaving town for the holidays, as they are spending them at home.

Hase decides to go for a walk in the holiday air – working towards the bridge near the river. He stops and begins to head home – why is he even here? But wouldn’t you know it – Fujimiya went for a walk to the same place. They decide to give up the facade and walk together. Fujimiya recounts that May 12 was the first day that Hase introduced himself to her. She’s happy now because if he hasn’t become her friend she would still be alone. Passing by the crepe place, they decided to indulge. I didn’t actually realise that this is the first time they’ve actually been able to get crepes as just the two of them without interference XD.

When it comes times to go home, neither one can bring themselves to say goodbye. Oh stop being so adorable you two. Finally Hase relents and they will walk together until they get closer to her house. Nearing her home, they come across the shrine where she used to pray in elementary school. Let’s make our first New Year’s shrine visit right now, Fujimiya suggests. While making their wishes they both get emotional. Like soap opera emotional. She doesn’t want to forget today, not a single detail of it. She never wants to forget her friend Hase. If that day comes, she’ll never be happy. “I want to be closer friends with you. But I don’t know what to do anymore.” “I want to be closer friends with you too!” Hase screams. This is just a teensy bit over the top, even for this show. XS Thankfully they start laughing and ease the drama levels back down. “I look forward to next year,” smiles Fujimiya. “Me too,” Hase confirms.

hase is scared

We then cut to next year, were both Hase and Fujimiya say – in tandem nevertheless – “I’d like for us to be friends!” I have to say I enjoyed this little slice of life romance. I don’t think I’ll ever find myself rewatching One Week Friends, but I liked it while it lasted. Hase and Fujimiya’s plot was always the secondary focus for me, in comparison to Shogo and Yamagishi’s friendship. Anytime Shogo was on screen I was pretty invested. Yamagishi grew on me over the course of the show as well. Hase and Fujimiya remained static for me. While the reasoning behind Fujimiya’s condition was pretty damn silly to me (especially the reveal in episode 11) it didn’t ruin the show, just made it less memorable. But I will probably talk a bit more about this series in my best and worst of the season article, which I’ll put up after this week’s episodes come out! 🙂

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