Black Bullet Episode 12 Recap – “Crisis Point”

one shot killWords can’t even begin to describe how bad this episode is.

Black Bullet Episode 12 Recap – “Crisis Point”

Really by this point I can see no redeeming features left in Black Bullet, but hey there’s only 1 episode left. So why not finish it off. This week really didn’t do the show any favours. As we open Rentaro and the two Kagetane’s have come across the Gastrea’s base. Hiruko points out what looks like giant seahorse – it’s Pleiades. Rentaro and Hiruko then decide to fight it together. So because the guy helped you out once after trying to kill you multiple times you suddenly want him to help you?

It was at this point that the opening theme song kicked in. So it’s going to be a tough fight against Pleiades then isn’t it? That’s why you cut in the song didn’t you? NOPE. >_>. They punch it ONCE in the stomach and it’s dead. This creature that decimated their force with it’s Spear of Light (ahem – glorified lasers) – dead in one shot. Talk about anticlimactic. It’s dying scream awakens the rest of the Gastrea pack and they immediately move out to go on attack.

Rushing onward, Rentaro puts a phone call into Seitenshi and alerts her that air missiles can now be used since Pleiades was defeated. It’s still not the key to defeating Aldeberan – it’s head is blown clear off but soon regenerates. I thought at this point that this was the only conclusion they were going to give Kagetane. I would have preferred that I was right.

Returning back to his team members after the battle is halted – the reason why they stop fighting is never given – Rentaro learns that Commander Gado has died in battle. There are SO many things wrong here. First off, no one from the team went after Rentaro? They knew he had gone off of his own into enemy territory. Second, Gado gets an OFFSCREEN death? His son, who we didn’t even know by name until after he was dead, got an onscreen death, but not him? The man who fought against freaking Aldeberan and lived, and we never saw him fight once?


So far this episode was batting zero. Now that Gado is dead, Rentaro is suddenly Commander of the whole freaking army. You know, because he is the main character. They try to pass some bs about how the next ranked officer gets command, but I’m not buying it. This is a half baked premise of a show that no one knew how to properly handle. It’s another example of how Rentaro has almost no character development and way too much “development.” For example, while surveying Gado’s corpse he remarks that he didn’t hate Gado for trapping him into facing Pleiades. Why though? There’s nothing to show why he thinks this and it’s not expanded on. This is close to character development but it falls short.

Anyways, the Kagetane duo have showed up at their little compound. The other civil occifers want to cut the pair down where they stand – but Rentaro convinces people to let them stand with them on the same battlefield. What, are you best friends with Kagetane now Rentaro? You even want him to join your team? Also, the fact that Rentaro can’t control this small mob doesn’t lend itself well to his image as a commander. More on this in a bit.

Here’s another thing that happened offscreen. Midori, Shoma’s initiator was severely injured by a Gastrea – her corrosion rate is already past the point of salvation. I find it extremely hard to care about a character that we have known for about 3 episodes, and has had a screen time of about 1 episode. Perhaps if you didn’t spend time dicking around the mall so much – – but I’m getting sidetracked. Kagetane suggests the sensible option of straight up killing the girl. It’s not like I disagree with him. She’s going to turn into a Gastrea and then you will have to kill her anyways. It’s not like Rentaro hasn’t done it before – in fact he has, remember Senju? While visiting a bedridden Midori, she tells Rentaro that without his support Kisara would fall into darkness *rolls eyes*. Stop taking away from a character that had so little to offer before. This episode is horrible.

She then all but spells it out that she’s going to go commit suicide, and Rentaro is all like “oh ya she’s just going to the bathroom. Nothing to worry about.” Dumbass. After she has shot herself in the head, Shoma launches into a despair ridden speech. But I just can’t bring myself to care about it. Not Midori, and not any of the Cursed Children that came before. They weren’t actual characters! We knew NOTHING about them. They were just shapeless loli air! The only thing we knew about Midori is that she had cat ears. How can I connect to her Promoter’s despair? For that matter I know nothing about him either. The emotional impact is zilch.

Our dumbass everyone.
Our dumbass everyone.

So next scene Rentaro is wearing Gado’s shoulder robes. Some of the crowd cheer him on, while others think they whole army is done for. So what does Rentaro do to quell the naysayers? He stabs the most vocal one in the shoulder >_>. This is FACEPALM THE EPISODE. Tell me again how he is supposed to be a good commander? He then cements just how moronic he is by threatening anyone who threatens to disturb the peace of the group. You’re doing a bang up job of that already aren’t you Rentadumb?

Kisara thinks he is going to far with this whole “rule them with fear” angle. You think? Rentaro’s response is “I’ll be the one they fear instead of the Gastrea.” Kisara counters with the fact that everyone will hate him. That’s ok I don’t need anyone, concludes Rentaro. Actually you need your ARMY to FOLLOW you so that you can SAVE THE GODDAMN WORLD. This is horrid writing – if you are trying to pull off a main character going dark/evil last minute, you aren’t doing it well show. (I really doubt that was their intention either) But whatever, it’s ok with Kisara, she’ll always stay by his side. Shut up Kisara. Be your own character, don’t just hang off the scraps that Rentaro gives you!

Mibu, Gado’s old partner says what I was already thinking: “that’s what a dictator does.” Rentaro response to this? “Well – his methods sucked. He’s dead now isn’t he?” ~_~ Shoma then pairs up with Mibu temporarily so they can fight in Rentaro’s team. Rentaro has also hired Miori as a weapons tactician. She drops in with several plot devices, but not before she pinpoints that the Gastrea forces will hit them tomorrow at 11 pm. With her she brought the “Ekpyrotic bomb” which if it is exploded from within Aldeberan, will decimate him. But how are they going to get the bomb inside Aldeberan? They all stare at Rentaro – he’s their second weapon. *rolls eyes* Just erect a freaking statue to the guy already. I want to punch Rentaro in the face. Any character that is seen as a GOD in a show is downright insufferable. He’s probably going to sacrifice himself but see if I care at all.

The final battle will take place at the Flames of Revolution. For dramatic purposes of course. Enju and Rentaro remember all the dead girls that they brought there and in the ONE good part of this episode, they have a heart to heart. So now everything is set in place. Rentaro has the original five pairs that he wanted in his adju – Wait a god damn minute. ORIGINAL five pairs? So he wanted Kagetane in his team even before he was saved by them? Are you an idiot Rentaro? Sorry, stupid question. All he knew about them was that they were PSYCHO and tried to kill him 3 times. I am so, so done with this.


To add the stupidity levels, the former head of Seitenshi’s guard (ya know the random guy that tried to kill Tina? On that note, did Tina EVEN have a line this episode?) has thrown all of the batteries that Rentaro needs to fuel his attack against Aldeberan. Nope, you can’t make me care at all show. Case in point – Chaika episode 12 will answer if a character is dead or not. I’m pretty sure the character has survived, but I’m still anxious about it. That character has had enough development for me to worry about them. The whole freaking world could collapse in Black Bullet, but I just have no shits to give.

This was easily the worst episode of any show I’ve covered this season. I can’t wait for next weeks episode to top it. It’s like a 12 year old fanfic writer penned this. Here’s a big issue – there’s so much death in this show but none of it has any meaning. It smacks of them introducing characters just so they can be cannon fodder and nothing else. Plus they are given such unceremonious deaths. Would you rather have a character die before your eyes or just be told about it like reading a note someone passed you? If you don’t have the time or the budget to wrap up so many plots and so many characters – then DON’T. Concentrate on developing a couple of storylines instead. And yes, I really do hope that Rentaro is the one who dies – not because it would have any sort of impact – but because it will make me happy to see him bite the dust.

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