Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 12 Recap – “Those Left Behind”

tragic fate of LaylaThank you 😀

Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 12 Recap – “Those Left Behind”

After my raging at the fiasco that was Black Bullet Episode 12, I needed Chaika this week. And the season finale, and also the conclusion to the three parter, did not disappoint. It wrapped up enough of what it needed to, but not without giving away all of the answers. It also created some new questions – including a development I didn’t see coming. There is no way that I am not watching Season 2 of this show when it comes out in Fall 2014. It’s too good to ignore, and I’m very curious.

So I’ll try not to give too much away of the season finale. Instead, I’ll just set the scene. There will be a couple of spoilers though. Gilette, who still has his sword trained on Commander Setra, demands an audience with the General commanding the floating fortress Stratus. However, the General isn’t hearing any of it. He’s war hungry and delivers the first strike to Soara’s shields.

gilette holds his captive

That knocks Akari and Vivi off balance, giving Zita a moment to hit Akari with her Gundo. Toru uses his momentum to break in through one of the vents. However, another one of the guard dog demons exits the vent right behind him. Outside, Soara begins to hit back. Now back to normal, Akari is ready to seek revenge against Grad. She knew she was being controlled but couldn’t fight it off. She resolves to move forward, with Vivi and Zita temporarily helping her. With Chaika, she has decided to carry on gathering the remains, even after discovering the truth of her existence (catch episode 11 for more on that).

Back down on the ground, one of Saora’s magic blasts veer off course, straight towards Gilette, Leonardo, and the troops they are holding at bay. Pay close attention to what happens in the next few seconds. You won’t be so in the dark if you do. As both the crews of the Stratus and the Soara make crucial decisions, Chaika comes upon Layla and Ricardo overlooking the remains of Arthur Gaz…


Almost everyone has a badass moment this episode, including everyone that you wanted to have one. It also made Chaika a bit of a stronger character, but in a realistic development. Both this and last week’s episode did an excellent job of making Layla quite an sympathetic and even tragic character. I don’t just see her as a “whore” or “slut” as so many in the comments sadly did. Even for a character that we haven’t known very long I feel like I know her well.

The season doesn’t quite end on a cliffhanger thankfully, but it does throw a few curves in there. Look for the fate of certain characters, and the appearance of other – certain – characters. I don’t want to reveal anymore! 😛 As for the little twist – I’m confused! But in a good way!

toru x chaika

I eagerly await season 2 in the Fall. I’ll probably rewatch season 1 before it. Chaika – The Coffin Princess was a show that was totally worth investing in. The characters are likable, the plot is well structured, the mystery (while predictable at times) is intriguing, and the action is refreshing and exciting. Bones you really pulled it off again. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Chaika – The Coffin Princess Episode 12 Recap – “Those Left Behind””

  1. Layla. Yeah. You could somehow sympathize with her somewhat.
    I’m not sure but Guy really is pulling some red flags. I wonder what Season 2 would bring in relation to him.

      1. I almost forgot about that alien thing. It was really creepy. Seriously Guy makes no sense.

        Oh. Wonder if you got the news also. Sentai Filmworks licensed Chaika The Coffin Princess!

      2. It is highly likely since this announcement came after the Spring 2014 Anime Season was pretty much over with the airing of Chaika The Coffin Princess.

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