Sorry for the down time!

Sorry for the absence! Have some Osaka as an apology.

Hey guys! Sorry for the inactivity the last week. My Hard Drive took a crap and it took longer than I anticipated to replace it. It also took longer because I decided to install it myself instead of getting Apple to do it for me. Saved me 100 plus bucks!

But now I’m back in business :P. I have 3 more recaps from Spring 2014 (including Black Bullet’s last episode) then it’s onto Summer anime! I’ll get a list up of what I’m going to cover asap, and then catch up on the episodes that I’ve missed so far.

Do you guys want to see a best of / worst of Spring 2014 list? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Sorry for the down time!”

  1. Sure, let’s here what you loved and hated from the past Spring season. I’m guessing Black Bullet and Mahouka will be close to the top of the hate list.

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