Baby Steps Episode 13 Recap – “Art and Technique”

IwasaThe match against Iwasa begins!

Baby Steps Episode 13 Recap – “Art and Technique”

Trying out a new format for this season of anime, let me know what you guys think!

What Happens In This Episode?

Eichiro’s match against the no. 3 seed Iwasa begins. Iwasa launches into his “painting a picture on the court” method, which involves a incredible amount of lobs. Eichiro messes with his flow, causing Iwasa to have to use a passing shot to win the point. Even though he got the point Iwasa is angry that he couldn’t complete the masterpiece. He doesn’t care about who his opponents are, nor if he actually wins the match. All that matters is getting that drawing done of Van Gogh’s “Avenue of Poplars.” In fact, one the painting is done, he completely disregards any returns from his opponent. Eichiro is first opponent Iwasa has encountered that can chase down all his lobs and win the point due to his endurance. At a 5-2 advantage for Eichiro, Iwasa decides to finally play seriously, winning two games in a row to close out the episode at 5-4 for Eichiro.


Basically, this is a gimmick episode that is fun but very silly. Iwasa is the Ernest Gulbis of this show. Gulbis is a tennis pro with a very flamboyant play style – he looks like a performing traffic cop most of the damn time. I can never take him seriously, just as I can’t take Iwasa as a serious threat. There’s one fatal flaw in this plot though. Find out which artists Iwasa favors and memorize their pieces. Eichiro has demonstrated that he’s capable of this before. You can take Iwasa’s power and then make it a weakness. He even does two Van Gogh pieces for god’s sake. Nevertheless how inane this was, I still thought it was a fun episode. I’ll stick around with Baby Steps into next season for now, but I might drop it down the line. It’s not that exciting of a series to be honest.

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