Black Bullet Episode 13 Recap – “The Ones Who Aspired to be Gods”

bullshitOne of the worst season finales I have ever seen.

Black Bullet Episode 13 Recap – “The Ones Who Aspired to be Gods”

The moronic is strong with this series/season finale. The title of the episode is the least of my complaints. Going off of last week’s build up to the finale I had a feeling that this was going to be really bad, but I had no idea how bad it would turn out to be.

The Gastrea are going to be in contact in 10 mins and the batteries haven’t arrived yet. In addition there is no contact from the JASDF; Rentaro and crew are on their own in this fight. (Don’t worry though, it’s not going to matter) Rentaro is about to announce the forward movements of his troops but just then – Enju spots something floating in the sky. It’s a collection of lanterns, sent by Seitenshi as moral support. Within these lights are the hopes and wishes of the future of the people from the Tokyo area. Both regular citizens and Cursed Children alike lit them. Gag me with a rubber spoon.

The Gastrea finally strike and Operation “Rapier’s Thrust” (pffffff) begins. Every character gets their licks in, even Shoma’s new partner Mibu. Enju and Rentaro engage Aldeberan and plant the EK bomb inside him. In like, less than one minute. Seriously, that was way too easy. You think this final confrontation would be a little harder. They clear out of the blast radius and await for the bomb to set off. But of course, at the 1 second count, it doesn’t detonate. Rentaro has to go detonate it himself. This is crappy fanfic writing – but wait, it gets even better.

In one of the many stupid twists of the episode – Shoma is the one that detonates the bomb. He sacrifices himself by hitting Aldeberan head on. “Live on for my sake,” he says to Rentaro. Again, I don’t care. We met Shoma REALLY late in the series, he had NO characterization, and even less screen time.

After that – wait – the battle’s already over? That was your climax series? There’s still more than half an episode left! And that was way too damn easy. Missing the batteries did not even matter. Also, apparently after Aldeberan was extinguished the rest of the Gastrea were like, “oh geez I left the stove on at home” and left. Thanks for that build up to nothing. And don’t give me that final weapon bullshit about Rentaro. He didn’t do jack shit in this battle.

our final villain everyone
our final villain everyone

So what’s the last 13 mins of the show going to be about then? Well, it’s a complete turn into stupidville. Two days later, as the Monolith is being completed, some random but stern looking guy shows up at Rentaro’s place. Who is this exactly? It’s Kazumitsu Tendo, one of Kisara’s family members. Kisara berates him for improperly funding the monolith while pocketing the rest of the money for himself. He got his current lofty status because of it, and as such he is the cause of the casualties from the battle. Kazumitsu then goes full ham and cheese, laughing and cackling while his eyes bulge. *rolls eyes* THIS IS OUR FINAL VILLAIN? SOME RANDOM DICK INTRODUCED IN THE LAST 10 MINUTES OF THE SHOW? This is weak, weak storytelling. Maybe perhaps introduce him earlier in the show, give us some scenes of him working behind the scenes! All we got before this was ONE GODDAMN LINE from Kisara!

So they decide to settle their differences in a duel to the death – because they are morons – and only then, does Kisara bring up the fact that this is for her parent’s deaths. You go to hell show. And stop farting you dumb soundtrack. I’m definitely losing brain cells watching this crap. ~_~ She cuts off his leg easily, and forces him to admit to killing her parents. When was this a subplot? You can’t just introduce shit last minute and expect me to care about it! And then she kills him anyways. Isn’t this just great guys?

As a result, Rentaro gets mad at her for executing random guy, even though just last episode he uttered the words “I’ll threaten anyone who threatens the peace.” Apparently Kisara is full out evil now. This ending is a giant middle finger to the audience, with absolutely moronic twists that were NOT SET UP AT ALL. One line from cat ear girl and one line from Kisara does not count as set up.

But no, they don’t stop there. They then try to shove in a happy ending on top of all of it – hinting at Rentaro and Enju being in love at some point in the future. No, I do not care if she will “eventually grow up,” it’s still god damn creepy. It’s underage loli bait and nothing more.

moronic plot twist 75312
moronic plot twist 75312

I hope Black Bullet rots in mediocrity. People deserve better than this half-baked clumsily written fan fiction. The villains were worthless, turned good for no reason, or show up for one scene just to get disposed of. The heroes had no characterization at all and were mostly just cannon fodder. Rentaro does NOTHING in the finale but stand on the sidelines, and is overall one of those annoying op characters just because there are the lead. There were no repercussions to almost all of the developments of this show. Tina just quits her assassin job, and no one cares. Kagetane suddenly joins Rentaro – and doesn’t suffer for any of the murders he committed over the series. Sure there were some consequences, but only in relation to minor characters that we never got to know.

But it will probably get a second season and it’s popular enough – sadly. If it does get the greenlight, count me out. I’ve already wasted enough time on it.

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