GLASSLIP Episode 1 Recap – “Fireworks”

nopeLet’s get onto the new arrivals for Summer 😀

GLASSLIP Episode 1 Recap – “Fireworks”

The premise:

Touko Fukami (whose family runs a glassware studio) has been close friends with Yukinari Imi, Hiro Shirosaki, Yanagi Takayama and Sachi Nagamiya for many years. During the summer before their senior year of high school, a transfer student named Kakeru Okikura joins the high school. He has an odd talent that allows him to see into the future. But what does his future have to do with Touko? Especially in a romantic sense?

What happens this episode:

Kakeru arrives by train while Touko and her friends (apart from Sachi) enjoy a summer festival. We learn some character traits/B plots concerning our leads; Yukinari enjoys running, Hiro has a crush on Sachi, Sachi is the bookish, quiet type. At one point Kakeru spies Touko and gets a future vision. Of what, we don’t know yet.

Later, they have their first actual in person encounter, when Touko is drawing some chickens. They are both damn awkward – Kakeru introduces himself with “so it was you” and she reacts by uttering “David.” As in the famous statue XD. Which he looks nothing like XD. He also calls her by her first name, which is especially awkward in a Japanese setting. He is just kind of creepy period.

She’s taken to naming all of the chickens, and is so attached to them that after Kakeru mentions predators in the area, she forces her friends to take care of one chicken each. Yanagi is the only one who is openly against it, but not because of the chickens, no. Yukinari has an obvious crush on Touko and it bugs her that he’ll do anything that Touko asks her to.

The next day at the café, Kakeru shows up, and Touko recognizes him. Yukinari is sullen, and the rest of her friends are wary. The oddest reaction comes from Sachi, who just stands up and stares at Kakeru. Has Sachi said anything all episode? Kakeru has a message for Touko; “I saw what you saw that day.” Uh. Creepy much.


Creeper Kakeru
Creeper Kakeru

It’s nothing special at the moment, but it’s only the first episode. It reminds me especially of Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. It doesn’t have the depressing plotline of Anohana, but a lot of the same character archetypes, especially in Yukinari and Hiro. None of them have much more than their single gimmick, but again, there’s time for that to be corrected. Kakeru is extremely creepy and as a result not that sympathetic yet. The show does feel a tad generic for a romance anime, but that doesn’t mean it won’t end up being enjoyable.

The added angle of the chickens is something that I’m not sold on yet. It stinks of cute mascot bait. Plus chickens are just gross period. It was cool to see that Touko’s parents exist! Too often in anime, parents/ adults are just absent. On another note, the music of the show was just ok. It’s your usual fare for anime opener and ending themes. The better of the two is probably the opening.


For now, yes. Nothing turning me completely off yet, and I’m never an opponent of a good drama. Let’s see where the next two episodes go.


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