Haikyu!! Episode 15 Recap – “Revival” 

DatekoIt’s time to start the tournament!

Haikyu!! Episode 15 Recap – “Revival” 

What Happened This Episode:

It’s the first day of the Inter-High preliminaries and first up for Karasuno is Tokonami High. People are noticing some of the star players from Karasuno like Nishinoya, Kageyama, and Azumane. Oh the hilarious gossip about Azumane. My favorite might be the fact he is in his fifth year of high school. In the hallway, Karasuno is confronted by the Dateko team, the humongous blocker ominously points at Azumane. This is the guy who blocked Azumane all those times in their match against him, causing Asahi to lose his confidence. This time, Azumane stares him down without having Nishinoya stand up for him.

tournament smell

Both Ikejiri (Sawamura’s old classmate) and Michimiya (the captain of the girls Karasuno team) take Sawamura’s words to heart, and believe that they can win even without the extra practice that they skipped. Hinata on the other hand, is nervous before the match again. Azumane tells him his tactic for calming down before a match – think of the scariest thing you have ever experienced. Imagine it and remember that nothing out there will be as bad as that. (Was there a ring reference in Hinata’s scariest moments?) Hinata picks an hilariously frightening moment – the scary face of Kageyama.

Just before their match begins, Aoba Johsai piles in to watch them play, including Oikawa. The practice match between Karasuno and Aoba Johsai was before Ukai, Nishinoya and Azumane joined the team. Others looking in at confused as to why Hinata is middle blocker on the team, let alone a starter. As Turnip-head himself says, they are in for a surprise. The first spike of the game is scored by Tanaka, and then the second goes to Azumane (amidst the gossip about him XD). It’s Hinata’s turn for the 3-0 point. Everyone notices the improvement of Karasuno, even Dateko and Oikawa. As he lands, the word “Fly” hits the screen, which transitions to a freeze frame.


the third years

The freeze frame at the end was enormously silly, but hell – that’s why I continue to enjoy this show. While the bits with the girls team from Karasuno were nice, they did feel tacked on to the overall episode just to draw out the run time. The inane gossip about Azumane due to his appearance was hilarious. His short confrontation with Dateko’s guard also has me very interested should they end up facing Dateko. Which let’s face it, with that build up they definitely will. It was also a plus to meet some of the other teams that will be in the tournament. Hopefully we’ll get to learn more about them as we go, and they aren’t just comedic foils like Nekoma was. Not that I’m complaining about Nekoma. Doing it once is funny, but if you pull the same trick with every other team it could get old fast. Looking forward to the rest of the tournament!


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