HaNaYaMaTa Episode 1 Recap – “Shall We Dance”

hana dancing

There’s going to be a lot of desktop backgrounds.

HaNaYaMaTa Episode 1 Recap – “Shall We Dance”

The Premise:

Sekiya Naru is average in every way possible. She loves to daydream about fairy tales and their heroines but doesn’t want to step out of her self-made boundaries. One night, she happens upon Hannah, a transfer student from America, dancing under the moon. Soon she becomes enravelled in the Yosakoi world of dance…

What Happened This Episode:


Naru is average to a T, and is jealous of her friend Yaya, who is skilled at everything AND pretty. The only solace Naru has is her fairy tales, which began with Cinderella, which she saw as a young girl. She’s been daydreaming ever since. On her way home at night she comes across a girl dancing and mistakes her for a fairy.

The girl is not shy, and gets Naru to dance with her, but Naru is too embarrassed to continue. As she runs away, the girl promises to find her and take her away. Once she gets home Naru notices that she took the girls naruko (a wooden clapper used in the Yosakoi dancing style) by mistake. Yaya also meets this mysterious stranger, when the girl uses her a landing pad while escaping from the police XD.

The next day, the girl is introduced as a transfer student from Princeton, NJ. Her full name: Hana N. Fountainstand. XD Immediately gravitating towards Naru, she continually bugs her about Yosakoi dancing. I think she even flies at one point :P. Naru is flustered by it all, wondering if she could change, but preferring to stay in her safety bubble. In a bid to get others to join the Yosakoi club, Hana puts up flyers to meet at the rooftop at 6 pm every night.

Naru shows up at 6 pm under the guise of simply returning the naruko, but she sees Hana dancing again and is immediately conflicted. When Hana tries to get her to join again, Naru blurts out that no one will join the group and everyone gives Hana weird looks. But Hana is ok with all this, because it was her choice to pursue Yosakoi and she doesn’t regret it. She found her passion for Yosakoi as a young girl, when she and her family visited Japan. Naru is still distraught, thinking she is empty, but Hana tells her that just means that she has more room to fill up :D. Naru finally admits that she had fun dancing with her, and decides to help Hana find other members.


desktop worthy

First off, I love the art direction for HaNaYaMaTa. It’s beautiful and chock full of purple, which just happens to be my favourite colour (biased, but meh!) I can see myself using several images from the series as desktop backgrounds.

Besides that both Naru and Hana are equally aww worthy. Hana isn’t annoying like she easily could be – instead she’s pretty darn endearing. It’s easy to sympathize with Naru, and not knowing which direction to take in life, being too scared to wade out of the shallow water. On top of that, it’s got its funny moments as well.


Yes, so much yes. I’m already in love with the colours and the adorableness of the series. Let’s dance!


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