Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun Episode 1 Recap – “This Love…Is Being Turned Into A Shoujo Manga”

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Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun Episode 1 Recap – “This Love…Is Being Turned Into A Shoujo Manga”

The Premise:

Sakura Chiya can’t confess her love to Nozaki, the boy she has a crush on. When she tries to, he thinks she wants to become his assistant on his manga, which by coincidink, she does. >_> To the public Nozaki is Yumeno Sakiko, a female artist. But Sakura knows his secret – though in turn he doesn’t seem to be able to see her obvious infatuation at all.

What Happens This Episode:

Sakura learns that Nozaki is indeed Yumeno Sakiko, though none of his or her other classmates believe him. She discovers the proof when he tricks her into doing beta for his drawings. The rest of the episode is played out in gags where Sakura thinks Nozaki is treating her romantically but really he’s just trying out scenarios for his manga.



It’s not really my sense of humour to be honest. I’ve never found the neurotic high school with a crush to be that funny. Nor the clueless man who never notices the obvious signs. The whole “I can’t confess my love muhhhh” plot gets old fast. Other than that, the rest of the humour is close, but not close enough. There were several times where I was close to laughing but instead it came out more as “ehh?” or me just tilting my head quizzically. Perhaps most damning is the fact that I’m supposed to like Nozaki – and I don’t. I can’t pinpoint quite why just yet, but there’s nothing about him that appeals to me.


Not at this moment. But that could change by Episode 3. Let’s see where it takes us.


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