Rail Wars! Episode 1 Recap – “Welcome To K4!”

rail wars teamPropaganda in the form of comedy?

Rail Wars! Episode 1 Recap – “Welcome To K4!” 

The Premise:

Naoto Takayama is a high school student with the career dream of working for the Japanese National Railway. He becomes a part of the security force (along with his friends) as a trainee, and hijinks ensue. Meanwhile an extremist group named RJ attempts to privatize the railway. (Ironically, the real life railway in Japan is already privatized XD)

What happens this episode:

Takayama makes his way through the JNR Central Academy, meeting his teammates along the way. There’s Koumi Haruka (the big boobed, smart one), Iwaizumi Sho (the dumb, always hungry one) and finally there’s Sakurai (the tsundere). Under the guidance of Gono Hitomi, the head of Railway Security, the four are trained in shooting, shoveling coal effectively, and on the job experience. Their team is the only one to hit the 100 km per hour mark in the coal test. Takayama realized they needed to spread the coal evenly around the furnace rather then just chucking it in willy nilly.

Their final test is rookie security detail at the Tokyo station, where they stop a pair of robbers. Consequently, they all receive a passing grade, and get put in the same station for their work placement – naturally. With a superior who has big boobs of course…sigh…


So far, extremely generic and pretty disappointing, with plenty of eye rolling inducing fanservice. The opening scene is literally “ooh look pretty girls with big breasts!” The humour revolves around it far too much for it to be funny more than once. Here’s an example – when Koumi runs, her boobs jiggle back and forth, while she’s out of breath guys! OH BOY HOW WACKY! ~_~ At one point Koumi and Takayama are sent to find a lost dog inside a train. To reach the dog Koumi has to get on a wobbly ladder…you can see where this is going -_-. I don’t see these characters changing at all from their own stock stereotypes either.

On another note, the theme songs don’t fit the tone of the show – like at all. The opening is a rocker, while the ender is a techno track, both wildly out of place in the face of this lighthearted comedy. They would probably be better served with an action anime.


I don’t see this one sticking past episode 3. I’ve never found panty shots and bouncy boobies to be that hilarious, and the plot isn’t that interesting to make up for it. I’ll ride out the next two episodes just in case, but I’m not expecting too much.


2 thoughts on “Rail Wars! Episode 1 Recap – “Welcome To K4!””

  1. Can’t blame you for not wanting to stick with it, I’m disappointed with how it’s going too. Sakurai is the only reason I’m sticking with this one, but there might reach that point where even a cute girl can’t get me to keep watching an anime.

    1. Lol I don’t think a cute girl has ever been the major reason why I watch an anime, at least until the end of it. It’s pretty low on my rating scale :P. We’ll see how this one turns out though.

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