Akame Ga Kill! Episode 2 Review – “Kill The Authority”

ogreHow long until Bulat dies?

Akame Ga Kill! Episode 2 Review – “Kill The Authority”

Last episode:

Tatsumi made it to the capital, and was taken in by a family that used unsuspecting travellers as torture victims. Before the family could exact the same purpose towards Tatsumi, Night Raid showed up and killed them all, Tatsumi killing the daughter himself in fury at the death of his friends Sayo and Ieyasu. Now he has to decide whether he is going to join Night Raid or not…

This episode:

night raid

We are quickly introduced to the rest of the Night Raid team. Sheele is the calm and calculated one, Mine is the tsundere, Bulat is the strong knight with the silly haircut and Lubbock is the peeping tom. One note – Bulat is gay, and not denying it either. So how long until his character is killed off? :/ I don’t want him to die, but I know from anime past that it’s probably inevitable. 😐

We also learn that Akame is indeed not the boss of this group, but an eyepatch wearing woman named Najenda is (the show doesn’t tell us her name, but Wiki helped!). She also touts a mechanical arm that creaks loudly. She informs us that Night Raid is an arm of the Revolutionary Army, an anti-imperial force that is combatting the corruption. Night Raid is tasked with gathering information and assassinating silently. The Army’s ultimate goal is to kill the Prime Minister. As such, Night Raid see themselves more as murderers then warriors of justice. Tatsumi decides to join their ranks.

Akame is tasked with training him and the plot follows the usual “the menial tasks we did was training!?!?” thread. The chores this time are cooking and fishing. Meanwhile the rest of the team is off on another mission. Only Najenda, Leone, Akame and Tatsumi are home – when they are given an impromptu mission. An oil merchant named Gamal is in cahoots with a soldier named Ogre. Ogre is a skilled swordsman who is also adept at framing people.

Tatsumi accepts the job of taking down Ogre, while Leone and Akame will deal with Gamal. Akame has some doubt if Tatsumi can go through with killing Ogre, since he only killed Aria out of hatred. While scoping out the situation, Leone fills us in on Akame’s past. She was captured and trained as a child by the capital to be an assassin, along with her little sister. Most of her comrades are dead by this point. They don’t say anything about her sister being dead, so she will probably pop up as an enemy at some point in the series.

The girls easily pick off Gamal, but Ogre is not such a quick feat for Tatsumi. Through the power of letting your enemy monologue, Tatsumi defeats and slays Ogre. Akame, Leone and Najenda congratulate him and Akame even flashes a smile. Keep coming back alive, she stresses to Tatsumi. His next trainer will be Mine – of course.



While it was a generic training episode, I didn’t mind it too much. It’s cool to see a gay character (at least an out one) in an anime for once. Though, as I said, he’ll probably be one of the first to die. There’s still that nagging feeling in my head that almost all of these people we met this episode are going to die at some point. I’ve never been one for the “let’s kill off EVERYONE” strategy; it just feels excessive to me. The training part of the episode was okay; they didn’t screw it up completely nor did they put their own mark on it. Though the fishing part was just an excuse to get Akame in her bikini. The next episode preview already promises a “walking in on girl changing” joke so there’s that as well. *rolls eyes in tired acceptance*


Yup. It looks like it’s going to end up in the middle of my rankings for the season as a non-threatening but gory action anime. Unless something completely moronic happens next episode.


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