Love Stage!! Episode 1 Recap – “The Door To My Dreams”

the charmIt’s Yaoiiiiiii 0w0

Love Stage!! Episode 1 Recap – “The Door To My Dreams”

The Premise:

Sena Izumi was born into a showbiz family. His father Seiya is a singer, his mother Nagisa is an actress, and his older brother Shogo is the lead vocalist for the rock band Crusherz. Izumi however, is just a otaku in college. His dream is to become a manga artist, fueled by his love of “Magical Girl Lala Lulu”, but despite this he has no talent in drawing. His parents have another dream for him though, and keep trying to get him to go into showbiz. On one such occasion they force him into filming a wedding commercial, emulating the very same commercial that he appeared in 10 years ago. It’s there that an rising actor, Ichijou Ryouma, meets and falls in love with Izumi at first sight. The catch – he thinks that Izumi is a woman.

What happens this episode:


The opening shot introduces us to a young rising actor by the name of Ichijou Ryouma, who was in a wedding commercial with Izumi ten years ago. Izumi was playing a little girl at the time though. The same company wants to do a follow up commercial with all of the same casting. Izumi flatly refuses, so his parents look to their manager Sagara Rei to fix the situation.

Rei enlists Shogo to visit Izumi at college and he promptly bribes him into doing the commercial with a alarm clock that includes a personalized message from the actress for Lala Lulu. XD When Ryouma gets the greenlight in his limo, he brings up the picture of that little girl from the wedding commercial – wait – he’s kept that in his phone for 10 years? That’s….different?

It’s the day of the wedding shoot and Izumi is made up to look just like a pretty girl. But he’s nervous, weepy and tripping over everything. Ryouma has the perfect way to calm him down though – no not that – he hands him a lucky charm, the same that he gave Izumi 10 years ago. Again…you hung onto that for 10 years? This guy has stalker tendencies! And why is the charm the same odd color as the eyes of Izumi? There’s one thing that Rei didn’t know about before the shoot though – and that’s that Izumi and Ryouma have to kiss!


the kiss

This is my first proper Yaoi series, so I’m not too sure what is par for the course and what is actually against type. Though I have the sneaking feeling that this is pretty much the usual for Yaoi. In all honesty, it’s nothing too horrible just yet. I will probably complain about the whole dominant/submissive issue later, but for now it’s fine.

Although, Ryouma’s stalker tendencies are a bit off putting. Anyone who keeps personal items from someone that you’ve met once in your life for 10 years is automatically a bit suspicious to me.


ill do it

At least until Episode 3. I know I’m not the target audience for Love Stage!! but it hasn’t turned me off just yet. There’s that irony that yaoi is not made for gay guys again XP.


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