Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 1 Recap 

the teamWay funnier than I expected it to be!

Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 1 Recap

The Premise:

Based on Hidekichi Matsumoto’s manga, Momoka Sonokawa in a new transfer student that is unceremoniously forced to join the school survival game club by it’s leader. They’ve shared the same piece of toast after all! Basically, high school girls shooting airsoft guns at each other. It’s surprisingly better than it sounds!

What happens this episode:


Momoka is perved on by an old guy on the subway, when a purple haired girl packing heat challenges to the pervert to a duel. He is no match for her with his middle school karate though. She then gets arrested XD. It’s an interesting way for Momoka to start her first day at her new school.

Unfortunately she’s been a transfer student many times, and is bored of the regular school clubs. And who should be in her school but the purple haired gal from earlier? She tails Purple to find out she is part of the Sabagebu! club, a group of girls who enjoy shooting toy guns at each other. The club gets her to try out target practice – and she gets a bulleye on the first shot. Purple’s name is Ootori Miou, and she tries to get Sonokawa to join. After all, they’ve eaten a piece of toast from the same toaster.

After that she gets bullied for hanging out with Miou by the other girls in her class. But worry not guys – the narrator barges in and tells us “fear not, this is not a depressing anime!” 😛 During one of the bullying episodes, Miou bungee jumps off a roof and reprimands the two main perpetrators. XD Even after the two girls profusely apologize, Momoka just gets back at them anyways. 😀 Miou then gives her a drugged cookie and uses her zombie like state to get her to join the survival club! XP This is amazing so far.

We then meet the other girls in the club. Kyudou Maya is the model of the group, who is pretty happy go lucky. Kasaguno Urara is in the same year as Momoka, and is wary of Momoka’s intentions when it comes to Miou. In other words, she’s already jealous. Goutokuji Kayo is the quiet and odd one, who goes to classes in cosplay. There’s also a weird duck mascot thing. *shrugs* Before the episode ends we get our first official game with Miou and Momoka facing off against the rest of the girls. A guy who looks like Jean Claude Van Damme, and sounds suspiciously like the narrator also runs the shop. XD After a hilariously stupid action sequence, Miou and Momoka grab the victory.



I was wary of this at first, thinking it would be another moe fest chock full of boobies and panties jokes. There hasn’t been any of those yet, which is nice to see. I’m sure they will pop up later but it’s nice to see they aren’t going to go down the HEY LOOK FANSERVICE route. It’s damn funny and pretty stupid, but in a good way. I enjoyed the character of Miou and her nonchalant way of touting airsoft guns and camo gear in public. The fourth wall jokes were enjoyable too. They worked because they were understated quick little jabs. Not the overbearing way that Family Guy would be. Having the battles be totally real in the girls minds was hilarious as well.



You’ve sold me Sabagebu! I’m hooked for now, especially when it looks like you are going to take a stab at the Matrix the next episode. This could be my comedy pick for this season.


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