DRAMAtical Murder Episode 2 Review – “Crack”

watchersThe mystery continues.

DRAMAtical Murder Episode 2 Review – “Crack” 

Last Episode:

Aoba was warned about the online game Rhyme. Players have been randomly disappearing after getting too far into the game. During an errand, an unseen assailant drags Aoba into a Rhyme match. Unfortunately, Aoba has never played in a Rhyme match before – or has he? Once inside the game he seems to trigger an alternate personality…

This Episode:


The Rhyme battle is a close one due to Aoba constantly switching back and forth between personalities. His rabbit-head opponent seems to know about his past, and has an expectation for his battle capabilities. Aoba eventually wins the battle, waking up to find the man in the gas mask standing above him, uttering “Master.”

After losing consciousness, Ren and Aoba find themselves back at the junk shop. Neither one can remember the fight completely. To make matters worst, Aoba has a continuous headache. From afar, a government official (I think?) named Toue is shown the battle footage. Both he and the top hat wearing figure beside him will probably be more important later. Toue is probably an evil character – he’s wearing a monocle!

Aoba’s grandma Tae, a retired doctor, orders him to bed after he is sent home from work. We get a glimpse into his past, as an “accident” put him in the hospital and caused him to have fuzzy memories. He currently takes medication because of it. You can see where this is going no?

His friend Koujaku visits the next morning and decides to stay for the day. More exposition, which is Koujaku’s main role so far. Apparently when people touch Aoba’s hair it hurts him. 😕 Koujaku and Aoba then proceed to act like a gay couple instead of – oh, I get it. Aoba tells him about the Rhyme trap, which troubles Koujaku. He informs Aoba of people who can start Rhyme games without the need of Usui (the Shiva looking gal). They randomly attack people, sometimes killing them in the process.

The next day at the shop Aoba and Ren think more about what the heck is going on – wait – does that computer at the shop have a floppy disk drive? O_O Most of you probably don’t even know what the hell that is >_< Anyways, our man in the gas mask turns up again, literally falling into the scene. This is Clear, and Aoba is his master apparently. Clear is also the one that brought them back to the junk shop yesterday. He is not the one who trapped him in Rhyme though.

Elsewhere, Koujaku pays a visit to Mizuki. Mizuki isn’t a huge fan of the Rhyme players because they don’t care about territory boundaries. Koujaku, a gang leader of sorts himself, has members who are partaking in the Rhyme games, but they let them do it on their own will.

The next morning, a figure from Aoba’s past pays him a visit at the shop…


a visitor

Not as strong as the first episode to be honest, but still good enough to keep my interest. It’s got some predictable elements, such as the whole Aoba has a separate personality, and used to be a high profile Rhyme player. I’m sure that’s why he had an “accident” and the medication is there to keep him from remembering. His grandma probably isn’t even his real grandma.

Koujaku also seems like one of those “I’m secretly evillll” types. He seems far too trustworthy for his own good, lending a helping hand to both Aoba and Mizuki very easily. It’s obvious that he knows more than he’s letting on. I could be reading way too much into this, but that’s just what comes to mind whenever the character turns up.


got your nose

Yup. It feels like a show that I’ll stick with for a bit, but might junk later down the line if it gets too convoluted. Hopefully I’m wrong in my assumption!

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