Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 2 Review – “Twin Tail Trap”

Mikorin!!So dumb but so good!

Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 2 Review – “Twin Tail Trap”

Last Episode:

Momoka transferred to a new school where she met Miou, the head of the Survival Games Club. Before she knew it she found herself in the club – drugged against her will but that’s beside the point – shooting airsoft guns in style.

This Episode:

cosplay smash!

– Momoka’s Mother is slightly off her rocker, as she likes Miou because she has “glimpses of madness in her charisma” and she likes Urara because “Momma loves cute little loli girls who seem to be hiding darkness within them.”

– Platy, the club’s mascot could be a robot? *shrugs*

– Urara and Momoka establish a bloody rivalry. Urara uses headlock, Sonokawa uses knockout punch! The best part is when you think Sonokawa is going to apologize, but then punches Urara in the face! I love when Sonokawa gets revenge XD! And then Urara loves her…. XD

– Urara and Momoka team up to get back at Maya, but only because she has big boobs and they don’t. Momoka reveals that she is in fact, a sadist!

– Gotokuji and Momoka face off in a Matrix style fight, all because Momoka wouldn’t ask her about cosplay XD


in the trash lol

Sabagebu! is freaking hilarious! I like how the show is essentially about nothing, while building up to jokes that hit my sense of humour perfectly. It’s just so dumb but still so enjoyable – it’s the Azumanga Daioh effect 0w0. A definite plus is how these characters are both their stereotypes and not their stereotypes. They have combo breakers that set them apart. Momoka is an awesome main character who is anything but forgiving and ladylike. I love how whenever someone wrongs her but apologizes she gets revenge on them anyways! She’s selfish and backstabs people and that’s why she’s awesome.

I love the preview for the next episode; “you can probably see where this anime is going by now. I won’t stop you if you leave now.” It’s fourth wall jokes like this that get me every time. Fourth wall humour is hard to get, as you often ride the line between hilarious and completely obnoxious.


Freaking yes! Best comedy so far this Summer season.


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