GLASSLIP Episode 2 Review – “Bench”


GLASSLIP Episode 2 Review – “Bench”

Last Episode:

Kakeru, the new kid in town, saw a glimpse of the future when he locked eyes with Touko. She caught the vision as well, and could have similar powers. Kakeru tracks her down at the café where she and her friends hang out and cryptically tells her – “I saw what you saw Touko.” Also something about chickens.

This Episode:

Picking up right after that creepy line, Kakeru asks – well demands really – for Touko to meet him at Kirinkan Lookout at 11 am tomorrow. Then he just promptly leaves, like the “mysterious character” that he is. More like “annoyingly rude”. In a show of strength, Sachi agrees to go with Touko tomorrow and make sure Kakeru doesn’t do anything funny. I don’t blame Touko’s friends for being wary – Kakeru has done nothing but act strangely.

At the lookout the next day, Touko gives Sachi a home made glass necklace as a present. (More important later?) Kakeru convinces Sachi to give him and Touko a private talk. Once alone, Kakeru tells Touko that he can see quick fragments of the future – and so can Touko. In their little moment at the summer festival they both heard words from their future selves. According to Touko, glass and shiny things trigger the ability. Before leaving Kakeru gives her his number. Later, Sachi nails exactly the feelings I have about Kakeru; “he doesn’t seem like a bad person, but I can’t seem to like him.”

We cut away to Hiro, who is once again pining for Sachi. An immediate RED FLAG pops up – Sachi has regular hospital visits. Death flags or something else? Elsewhere, Yana is considering confessing her crush to Yukinari, and phones Touko to talk about it. She doesn’t quite know how to go about it. Oh – now would be a good time to mention that within the group dating is banned. *rolls eyes* The DRAMA LLAMA alerts rise, as Yana says that she’ll have to leave the group if it doesn’t work out between her and Yukinari. As we already know though, Yukinari likes Touko – not Yana.

The next day at the café, Hiro announces his plan for the whole group to go hiking tomorrow. It’s part of his resolve to finally tell Sachi that he has a crush on her. But it’s already going to be awkward, because on the way home, Yukinari confesses to Touko, with Yana eavesdropping on them. Embarassed, Touko runs away without giving him an answer. She runs straight to Kakeru…



BLEGH. The glass/being able to glimpse into the future gimmick is really out of place – it feels very forced and there just to make the show seem “original” within all the plethora of romance and slice of life anime out there. Having said that I do wonder if the glass piece that Touko gave to Sachi might serve as a plot point later, maybe to see into Sachi’s future?

On the subject of the other characters, they don’t really blend out of the background, at least yet. They could improve later on. However, I will say that Yukinari is annoying in both his jealousy and his stubbornness. Even Yukiatsu from Anohana (which is basically the same character) was bearable.

I’m just not feeling GLASSLIP right now, it’s just too meh for me to invest in. It’s not that the show is horrendous, it’s just that it doesn’t stand out within it’s own genre, even with it’s obvious attempts to be noticeable.


Let’s see what Episode 3 has to offer. I currently have no plans to drop it after Episode 3, but I could definitely reach that decision a few episodes after it.

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