HaNaYaMaTa Episode 2 Review – “Jealousy Rose!”


HaNaYaMaTa Episode 2 Review – “Jealousy Rose!” 

Last Episode:

Sekiya Naru, an extreme introvert, has her beloved fairy tales seemingly brought to life when she sees Hana, an American transfer student, dancing in the moonlight. The two become friends, and Hana convinces Naru to break out of her shell and join her in Yosakoi dance. Also, there was lots of purple.

This Episode:

best friends

The jealousy is strong with Yaya, as she notices the extended time that Naru and Hana are spending together. She is also taken aback at how decisive Naru is being, especially when it concerns Yosakoi.

Naru and Hana have an brainstorming session at Naru’s house on how to get more members. I love the little touch of Naru cleaning up her room and including “internet browsing history – CLEAR.” XP What have you been up to Naru? O_O Thankfully, Hana isn’t a stereotype, as even though she is the bundle of adorable that she is – she also enjoys comic books, and freerunning/parkour. She’s not as invincible as she seems either. She loved both activities but no one else would partake in them with her. That’s why she took up Yosakoi. Then they both get extremely embarrassed. XD Hana gives Naru her own Naruko – and the show made the name joke for me. XP

Yaya and Naru have a fight, and in response Naru promises to dance for Yaya in one week. Seeing the two at odds, Hana convinces Yaya to spy on Naru while she is practicing. Hana also nails Yaya’s character; “so this is what ‘tsundere’ is.”:D She isn’t really, but it’s still funny. Yaya realizes how silly she is being, and asks Naru to dance, even though is hasn’t been the week yet. Naru is extremely awkward in her Yosakoi but she’s beginning to get the steps down. The episode ends on a very sweet note, as Yaya will support Naru no matter what.



So adorbs but so not annoying! Hana, Yaya and Naru are all great characters that are easy to sympathize with and react realistically enough for an anime. I know the plot isn’t that involved, but the show knows that and is working with what it has. It’s not a tryhard like Rail Wars!

The jealousy subplot did not get on my nerves either. It didn’t go overboard with the drama nor did it feel too flat and forced. Good to see that even Yaya can become jealous at times. I like that added touch that Naru isn’t immediately good at Yosakoi, and that she’ll have to practice more to become better. It shows more struggle than just having the main character be automatically good at something. Especially with a character who has been clumsy and average her whole life. It adds to the believability as well.


Yup yup yup!

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