Love Stage!! Episode 2 Review – “Because I Was Able To Meet You”

wait!Ryouma = Stalker 

Love Stage!! Episode 2 Review – “Because I Was Able To Meet You”

Last Episode:

Izumi was successfully convinced to star in a follow up to a wedding commercial that he appeared 10 years ago, along with the exact same cast. Within that cast is Ryouma Ichijou, a rising actor who has had a crush on the little girl from the wedding commercial for 10 years. After some initial worries, Izumi finally goes through with the commercial. Including a kissing scene with Ryouma O_O!

This Episode:

dream first kiss

We open with a flashback – no my bad, dream – of Izumi kissing none other than Lala Lulu. Izumi is then rudely awakened to find he is actually locking lips with Ryouma. Distraught, he makes a quick exit to his dressing room, but not before knocking Ryouma onto his ass. Of course it was Izumi’s first kiss *rolls eyes*. Ryouma takes this to mean that Izumi has a pure heart. (pfff ya right) With Izumi cowering in his corner, Rei calls on Shougo again – oh wait he’s already here.

While Shougo is consoling Izumi, Rei and Seiya have a talk. Seiya knows that at his core Izumi is very expressive and creative. But the psychological trauma he contracted from the commercial 10 years ago is holding him back. I dunno about this plot development. Rei agrees, noting that Izumi has an aura around him that draws people in.

Shougo continues his emotional blackmail of his own brother, by promising to give him a limited edition life sized pillow of Lala Lulu – if he goes through with the commercial. Naturally this gets Izumi out of his corner. Luckily, Ryouma has asked the director to remove the kissing scene from the script as well. And we can already see that Izumi is falling for Ryouma. XD

Izumi then remembers that he still has Ryouma’s good luck charm, but Ryouma tells him to keep it. He doesn’t need it anymore “because I met you again. It’s like the colour of your eyes.” Weirdly enough, his eyes really are the same multi-rainbowtastic colour. Ryouma then goes into major confession mode, letting loose the love that he has been harbouring for 10 years. Before Izumi can respond Shougo steps in and declares “you’ll have to defeat me first before I give up my little brother.” Enraged that he was tricked into thinking Izumi was a girl, Ryouma becomes petty and brutish. But most of all, incredibly embarrassed. He calls Izumi a cross dressing pervert and paints the two brothers as talentless hacks that are riding their parents coattails. Izumi doesn’t care – he got his pillow. “It’s not like we’ll ever meet again.” PFFFF NOPE.



Predictable but funny at moments. I can already see the Izumi (uke) and Ryouma (seme) pair coming to fruition, thought I hope they subvert some of that. I know they won’t but one can hope. The predictable nature of the show is a negative but not a complete deterrent – yet.

Ryouma IS a stalker though. I’m sorry but anyone who cultivates a love for someone you met once and waits ten years to tell them of it – during only the second meeting of their life – is deeply emotionally disturbed. As a result, I really don’t feel bad for Ryouma at all. Did he really think that Izumi would automatically be in love with him too? That’s living life in a complete fantasy. Hopefully Ryouma improves as a character as we go along because at the moment he is not my favorite person.



Sure, why not. I’ll probably dump this one further down the line, or when the next season starts. Sooner if it starts getting too offensive or aggravating.

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