Rail Wars! Episode 2 Review – “Let Me Stay Like This For Just A Little While”

bomb100% we’re done here.

Rail Wars! Episode 2 Review – “Let Me Stay Like This For Just A Little While”

Last Episode:

Takayama, Koumi, Sakurai and Iwaizumi passed through the Japanese National Railway Academy with flying colours and were all assigned together at Tokyo Station as security.

This Episode:

It’s their first day on the job at Tokyo station, where they are introduced to their team leader Iida Nana. Nana proves again that every single goddamn female character with a name in this show has HUGE BOOBS. Sigh. An express train with a bomb squad is sent out to Yokohama Station since they got word of a hidden explosive.

Our main characters however are stuck doing security detail at Tokyo Station. In fact, most of the episode is them doing extremely menial and ultimately boring tasks. Customer service the series I see – – then a small explosive sets off in Tokyo station, with a note saying there’s another much larger one planted somewhere within the station. The ransom is 100 million yen, to be delivered by 3 o clock.

Takayama and crew discover the bomb inside a bag containing a small dog (of course). Sakurai tries to disarm it despite being told to leave it until the bomb crew gets back (of course). Even though she only has a cursory knowledge of how bombs work. It comes to a point where Takayama has to hold some wires for Sakurai – by placing his elbow between her two boobs. Oh go to hell show.

So obviously they disarm the bomb and save the day. Then even though Sakurai did most of the work, and had the knowledge they needed to defuse the bomb – TAKAYAMA gets promoted to Deputy Director of the station. I’m sorry but how exactly is this fair to his other teammates and ESPECIALLY SAKURAI!



The fanservice in this show is just below STUPID levels, but still enough to be a huge deterrent – at least to me. The whole “put your elbow between my boobs” thing was the height of my eye rolling anger.

The characters are not that interesting either. They’re just the usual moe stereotypes with little to no personality, only there to fulfill their running jokes. I can barely remember their names most of the time. So much that I would not have been fussed at all if Sakurai and Takayama (and the dog) blew up along with the bomb.

Takayama’s promotion was just the cherry on top of this mess. Takayama did jack shit this episode, and it feels like Sakurai got almost no recognition for her exemplary work. Because you know – she’s just one of the girls with the boobs. Goddamit – this is the bottom of the pile anime bs that I hate. On top of all that, it’s kind of boring.


So much nope. I doubt the 3rd episode will change my mind about dumping this series outright, but let’s see what happens. I won’t miss this when it goes though.

2 thoughts on “Rail Wars! Episode 2 Review – “Let Me Stay Like This For Just A Little While””

  1. The 3rd ep is a bit better, but ep 4 is straight up boobs and nothing more. It’s not even a spoiler or anything, but it’s just boobs, boobs and more boobs.

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