Terror In Resonance Episode 2 Review – “Call & Response”

terror-in-resonance-2-6This is going to be an awesome series.

Terror In Resonance Episode 2 Review – “Call & Response”

Last Episode:

Nine and Twelve successfully carried out a planned bombing in Tokyo. They released a cryptic warning video to the internet, but no one took it seriously until it was too late. In the process, they roped unsuspecting high school student Lisa into their plan as an accomplice. As the smoke clears on the attack, Nine ominously tells Lisa “you can’t go back now.”

This Episode:


Lisa returns home, shell shocked and disarmed. Her obviously unstable mother berates her, accusing her of leaving her just like her father did. But Lisa is more concerned with the larger situation, and those damning words of Nine.

Elsewhere, the police are in a conference, attempting to figure out the identities of these two kids behind Sphinx. An interesting fact is that even though the tower was knocked out, there were no fatal human casualties. The bomb expert explains the details of the stuffed toy bombs, but also notes an abnormality – one TNT bomb. Hidden on the TNT in writing is those three letters again – VON. That causes a reaction throughout the room, especially in the police chief.

While the police are preoccupied, Nine and Twelve are already at work setting up their next bomb. In addition, they also released a new video warning, complete with an riddle to where the bomb is located: “what walks on two legs, then four legs, and then three legs?” The police eventually connect the riddle to the Greek tale of Oedipus. In this case Sphinx refers to the Greek mythology and not the Egyptian one. They manage to pinpoint a location for the bomb – a building with the address 423.

While the police search, Shibazaki (the former police detective) calls the police chief to tell him about the solution to the riddle. The chief tells him not to worry, they already figured it out – but Shibazaki has bad news. There were two answers to the Oedipus riddle, and the true answer in this case was Oedipus himself, ie. the police station. A bomb then explodes in the police station in Roppongi. Rattled, the police chief asks Shibazaki to come back the force. He also slips him confidential information – there was weapons grade plutonium stolen from a facility a few months ago. The message spray-painted into the facility floor was “VON.”

As these events transpire, Twelve checks in on Lisa, making sure she won’t be the one to pull a snitch on them. His words are chilling, as he smiles and says “you are an accomplice, but not a member. If you tell anyone, I’ll kill you.”



God, that was good. The pacing is so well done that while it doesn’t seem overly fast, the episode goes by in a flash. Nine and Twelve are still mysteries as characters, but I did not immediately feel we need to know everyone about them yet. I do hope over time that we get to learn more, but I have faith that this show will follow through.

Twelve has shown some of his playful personality though. His rapid progression from pulling a prank (tea, coke and mentos anyone) to downright sociopath was noticeably disturbing. Nine has had less interactions with the audience, but his personality is one that is downplayed anyways.


What Nine said XD

Yes please. I can’t wait until the next episode of Terror In Resonance.

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