Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 3 Review – “Kill Your Cares”

bulatPurty average after all.

Akame Ga Kill! – Episode 3 Review – “Kill Your Cares”

Last Episode:

Tatsumi was accepted into the Night Raid ranks. He completed his training with Akame, which consisted mostly of fishing and cooking. He then followed it up with the successful assassination of a powerful soldier named Subtle – er I mean – Ogre. We also quickly met the other operatives of Night Raid – and I placed a bet on long it would be until Bulat dies. I’m sure it’s no coincidence he has the same voice actor as Kamina from Gurren Lagann. Now that Tatsumi has gotten the approval of Akame, his next trainer is to be Tsundere – er I mean – Mine.

This Episode: 

public execution

As we open, some random flunkies have discovered the whereabouts of the Night Raid secret base. It’s all good however, as the Night Raid team take them all out in quick and bloody fashion. Sheele’s weapon of choice is a giant pair of scissors by the way XD. It’s kind of fun in just how stupid that is.

After that Tatsumi and Mine are sent into the capital on a mission. Or that’s what Tatsumi believes – but it’s really just a shopping trip for Mine. It’s not entirely pointless though, as we do learn that Tatsumi and Mine are the only two members who can get away with not being recognized in public. All other members of Night Raid have wanted posters plastered all over the town. We also get some backstory on Mine – in that charming but awkward way that Akame Ga Kill! tells it. Mine stops a young refugee child from being bullied by non-foreigners, but turns on the child next, telling her she needs to learn to fight for herself. I wonder if she speaks from experience? XP

In an quick aside, we meet the evil minister and the child king that he is corrupting – the cause for most of the hardship in the show. Neither are given a name though. *searches Wiki* Hold on – their names are Emperor (literally) and Honest (Onest)? *smacks head against desk*

Back with our heroes, they take out Onest’s brother Iokal, who is the head of a prostitution ring. Mine snipes him with her weapon Pumpkin – which gets more powerful when she’s in more danger. I’m not sure how that works but sure I’ll go with it! Iokal’s guards are trained in a martial art named Kokenji but are also taken out relatively easy. Except for one guard who was once a Kokenji master, and he’s taking on Mine and Tatsumi. After Tatsumi gets a –uh, stomachlock- on the guard – Mine snipes him through the chest.

Back in town, a new challenger appears, pointy teeth and psychotic grin included. He’s interested in finding the whereabouts of Akame.


I'll be rich!
I’ll be rich!

For all the talk that the manga readers gave Akame Ga Kill! it’s very much an average shonen show, just with a little more blood than usual. It’s pretty harmless on it’s own, with good action sequences and a couple of cool characters. But I wouldn’t rank it that high on the scale of this season’s new entries. The manga could be a lot better than the show has been so far though.

The show is very black and white in who is a villain and who is a hero. While I would like the lines to be more unclear, not every show is going to be that in depth with it’s analysis of good and evil. This is just a simplistic action show and I’ll continue to see it as that. Doesn’t mean it hasn’t been enjoyable so far – it has.

Other than the use of some of the overused boob jokes and the lightning fast pacing (that sometimes forgets to properly introduce characters) I don’t have too much to complain about with the show. It’s a steady, regular addition into the shonen genre. As such, I’m going to keep with it for now.


For now, it’s a yes.


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