Aldnoah Zero – Episode 2 Review – “Beyond The Horizon”

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Aldnoah Zero – Episode 2 Review – “Beyond The Horizon”

Last Episode: 

In a diplomatic mission to Earth, Martian princess Assleylum is assassinated (or appears to have been). Martian forces, who have been itching for a reason to invade Earth, descend to Earth and wreck house. Neither the Martians nor the Earthlings have any love lost for each other, following a war on the Moon 15 years ago. Now it’s up to Earth’s mech armies to fight off the invaders.

This Episode:

Trillam tries to kill Rayet

The Martians run rampant all over the Earth forces across the globe, destroying major human cities effortlessly. The human mechs have no chance in combat, getting sliced and diced left and right. To make matters worst, the VERS troops jam all the communication channels.

The smaller cities are then ordered to evacuate. Inaho and his friends are kept away from the main fighting, tasked with helping people to leave. Inaho’s sister Yuki is sent to the frontlines along with Lt.Marito. Count Cruhteo has landed in the area, but he sends out his lackey Trillam to secure the sector. Poor Slaine is to be his co-pilot.

On his way to evacuate, Inaho meets Princess Asseylum in disguise, along with her maid Eddelrittuo, and takes them along with him in the evacuation convoy. Safe inside his Kataphrakt, Trillam meets with the men who completed the (supposed) assassination of Asseylum. He has promised them safe passage to VERS, where they are to be knighted. You know what’s coming next XP. One of the men has brought his daughter Rayet with him. After Trillam kills the men with one clean swipe he focuses his attention on her.

It’s then that Marito and Yuki’s squad arrives and engages Trillam. As shown throughout the episode, they are no match. Soon Yuki and Marito are the only ones left. Yuki moves to escape with Rayet, but Trillam disposes of Marito before she can properly get away.

The chase between the two eventually meets up with the armored vehicle that Inaho and his friends are trying to evacuate in. Yuki hands over Rayet, while Inaho and his friend Okisuke try to save Yuki. Yuki is subsequently knocked unconscious by Trillam’s mech. Okisuke and Inaho work together to tether the remains of Yuki’s mech to the vehicle and hightail it. But Trillam is still chasing them – and Okisuke can’t hold on. Inaho grabs at him, but the pull is too strong, and soon Okisuke flys out of Inaho’s hands straight into Trillam, killing him. Trillam is set to chase down the rest but stops short. Apparently there is a time limit for usage of this mech.

Now safe for the moment, they get a radio message from Marito, who survived his fight with Trillam. Trillam will continue to follow them, so they have to evacuate as soon as they can. Inaho has different plans though – he wants to fight Trillam head on. He and his friends will act as decoys while the others escape. It’s his first big decision of the series.



I’m not sure how I feel about Inaho yet, as in two episodes he’s shown very little personality, and only done one significant action as of yet. He has time to grow over the course of the series so I’m not too worried yet. The most interesting character, as I noted last week, is still Slaine. I’m interested to see on which side he will land, if he chooses a side at all.

The action really ramped up, even more than last week. I found myself getting more and more anxious as the episode went on. I was even worried when Yuki was in danger, which is rare for a character I’ve only just met. The death of Okisuke itself was not that emotionally scarring, but it did add somewhat to Inaho’s overall story. It leaves the question that if Okisuke had not sacrificed himself, would Inaho bothered to fight against Trillam?

On another note, I wonder where Marito will land on the mentor scale in this series. Will he be the mentor that dies early but has a lasting effect? Or will he be around for longer than that? Also, what narrative point will Rayet have – knowing that she has knowledge of the Asseylum incident?

I like how it really does feel that our heroes are in a desperate situation, and not just saying they are (a la Captain Earth or Black Bullet). But it’s not nearly as stressful as watching an episode of Attack On Titan, plus there are not excessive amounts of screaming.


Yes. Not a definite yes, but Aldnoah Zero is growing on me.

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