Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun – Episode 3 Review – “Violence vs. The Prince”

shampoo changeJust not my kind of thing, sorry. 

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun – Episode 3 Review – “Violence vs. The Prince” 

Last Episode:

We met two new characters Mikoshiba Mikoto and Seo Yuzuki, who came with their own gimmicks. While I’m sure they are hilarious gimmicks to someone, they just don’t hit my sense of humour unfortunately.

This Episode: 

We have two more new characters to introduce, Kashima Yu, the “Prince of the School” and the head of the drama club, Hori. Kashima’s schtick is that even though she is biologically female, all the high school girls want to jump her bones due to her shoujo handsomeness. Hori’s on the other hand, is beating Kashima up for always being late to Drama Club. Muhhhhh ~_~

Hori also spends his nights filling out the backgrounds for Nozaki’s manga, much to Sakura’s surprise. And Mikorin’s doing something in the background, at least I think he is.


Kashima’s schtick was harmless, but not really that funny. Hori’s on the other hand was just cringe-worthy. Any time a character’s sole purpose is to be around to smack a female character repeatedly, it’s awkward – and frankly, quite offensive. Even in Sabagebu!, which I’m really enjoying so far, I still find that sort of joke off-putting.

It doesn’t help that Nozaki-kun takes the concept of a running joke and drives it into the ground. To compare, Sabagebu! gives you the jokes in short quick jabs and if they are revisited, they only do it once or twice per episode. Nozaki-kun on the other hand takes the joke, tells it to you 10 times, with it getting less and less funny each time. To make it worse, they don’t make little changes to the joke – it’s just the same thing over and over. Another knock against the show is that it’s just too stereotype heavy for me.

Each episode just sort of tails off at the end too. Once the ending theme kicks in, it usually illicits a shrug and a “that’s it?” The end product feels unfinished.


While I did chuckle a couple of times in this episode, I’m not going to continue looking at Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun. I’m sure there are large amounts of people who will love this series and its type of humour. All the power to you, and enjoy it as you will!


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