Rail Wars! – Episode 3 Review – “You Were Really Cool” 

sassho We’re done here. Bai bai.

Rail Wars! – Episode 3 Review – “You Were Really Cool”

Last episode:

A bomb was planted at Tokyo Station, but thanks to the quick thinking of Sakurai it was effectively disarmed. Somehow Takayama was given all the credit and was promoted to Deputy Director. Because you know, women are stupid or something. *rolls eyes*

This Episode:

Sassho Mari, a school mate of Takayama’s, and maid at the station restaurant, has the team track down her missing friend Kaori. Using Sassho’s keen ear for trains and the sounds associated to them, they track down Kaori and arrest the drug dealers who kidnapped her. And that’s really it. Yup. Enthralling stuff this is. *snores*


sassho maid
Magically put me in a maid outfit and I have BOOOOOBS

The makers of this show must be a bunch of horny old men because every single female character that’s given a name has a least double D boobs. It’s frankly ridiculous and not funny at all. This overdone moe crap gets old fast, as did this show. Even Sassho’s friend Kaori – who is in the show for a whopping one minute – has a couple of frames that highlight her massive breasts.

On top of all that, Takayama gets all the credit AGAIN, despite not doing ANYTHING significant to help them find Kaori. In fact, it’s Koumi and Sassho who do all the work. But I guess Koumi’s just a pretty face with large bouncy pillows and nothing else to these writers. Oh look, next episode has her in a bikini! This is just pure drivel.


Hell no. Already deleted off my Crunchyroll queue. On top of all its issues regarding female characters, there’s no clear plot direction and it’s insanely boring to watch. On to better endeavours!


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