Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 3 Review

bees?What is this show and why it is so amazing?

Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club – Episode 3 Review

Last Episode:

Urara and Momoka rapidly went from a heated rivalry to a increasingly strange friendship. They even teamed up against Maya, mostly because she’s prettier than they are. XD Momoka also had an intense Matrix-esque showdown with Gotokuji.

This Episode:


– A new character! This is Sakura-sensei, the Survival Game Club’s advisor. She is titled “the teacher who summons storms.” She’s tres clumsy and always ends up angering some sort of animal. But not on purpose of course XD.

– The Survival Game Club faces off against it’s most fearsome opponent yet – BEES? (well Hornets to be specific)

– Haguro Roselia from the Chino Elementary Survival Game Club looks for revenge against Miou– for something Miou can’t even remember doing. So Miou ignores it completely XP. Sonokawa on the other hand, accepts the challenge, but only because Haguro called her on old hag. XD

– Then the plot takes a sharp left as Platy is kidnapped by a crow. 😀


old hag

Just what is this show and why is it so hilarious? Seriously, it manages to make me laugh several times each episode. There were some more great fourth wall jokes from the narrator. I love how the narrator is there mostly to apologize for mishaps in the show, and cover-up the mistakes.

Miou was hilariously oblivious as she always is. The bit with Haguro was great, as first off, she’s forgotten completely why Haguro has a feud with her, and second she passes off the buck to Sonokawa to close the deal. “I don’t want to deal with her. She looks like a pain in the butt.” XD Speaking of Sonokawa, I still love just how much she is not a hero. She goes after Haguro only because she wants revenge for one wrong comment. She’s vengeful, rude, obstinant, and at times, pretty evil. I love it.


brave and just Sonokawa

Definitely. This is going to be my comedy pick of the season.

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