Tokyo ESP – Episode 2 Review – “Girl Meets Boy”

tokyo-esp-02-large-22Absolutely atrocious. 

Tokyo ESP – Episode 2 Review – “Girl Meets Boy” 

Last Episode:

An evil esper organization intent on killing the human race took over Tokyo. We met a boatload of characters without any proper introductions, and did not actually meet the main character until the last 2 minutes of the episode. At least I think it was the main character. *Shrugs* Nothing but questions arose from Episode 1, and not in a good way. Basically, all I know is that there’s evil espers and good espers.

This Episode:

Tell me about it.

We open with a quick action sequence of White Girl laying waste to some flunkies. Wasn’t she fighting the lady who had the people trapped last episode? Besides that, the action sequence is animated so choppily that I can’t tell what the hell is going on – at all. But wait, we’re not going to stay with the current plot line. No, we have to go back in time and tell the characters origin story. *rolls eyes* Get a eye roll counter going for the duration of this episode.

So after the requisite naked girl is seen by old man joke, because you know, those are always funny, we get the title sequence. Wait, is this now a LOVE story too? Get a tone and nail it DOWN show! Apparently Rinka is suddenly phasing through objects, and her hair has turned completely white. She begins to sink through the floor again, phoning her dad for help – but it’s ok because some guy is here to help her, his hand outstretched. “You don’t remember me from yesterday?” he asks Rinka.

Yesterday Rinka followed a flying penguin to come upon a glowing school of fish. Yes, I’m not tripping. The school of fish inadvertently gave Rinka esper powers. In fact, that’s how most of the espers in the city get their powers. ~_~ I want to punch whoever wrote this script.

The helping hand is Azuma Kyotaro, an esper with teleportation powers. He also might be the jewel thief Blackfist. However this is soon disproven – an unnamed redheaded esper with invisibility powers is the actual Blackfist. Together Azuma and Rinka defeat the redhead and hand her over to the police. The police just blindly believe him, no questions asked. *rolls eyes* I think the eye roll counter is at 10 by now.


Ooh. Hit him again!!

I’m really not fussed about this show at all right now. After the cluster of confusion that was Episode 1, Episode 2 is no better due to the huge tonal shift. It’s incredibly jarring to have a whole episode in one plotline, then suddenly have the show say “you know that stuff, forget about it. We’re going to focus on something else completely. When are we going to come back to it? Who knows? Who cares? Look at the penguin and the girl with the boobies, aren’t they cute?”

Telling the exposition through flashbacks within flashbacks, disjointed and stunted no less, was not effective storytelling. How are we supposed to care about the main character when we meet her at four different points in her storyline, without any clear indications of how much time passes between them? Also, how would you FORGET flying penguins and magic fish? That just makes Rinka look asinine.

Speaking of asinine, Azuma is downright annoying, in that “mysterious stranger” way. He never stops smiling and yelling about miracles, with so much disgusting charm that you want to repeatedly punch him in the face instead of rooting for him. Though I do have to say seeing the redhead beat him up was a highlight.

The final condemnation for this episode comes in the ending theme song. The music isn’t the issue. It’s actually not that bad. It’s the visuals, which is one long boobs and butts fest. Literally the only thing not showing is areolas and genitals for two solid minutes. It even includes running and bouncing boobs.


Hell to the no. Standing by a wall and repeating bashing your head into it would be more productive than this half baked mess. I fully expect to discard this next episode without any regrets.


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