GLASSLIP – Episode 3 Review – “Utility Tank”

stalkingI DON’T want to see the future…

GLASSLIP – Episode 3 Review – “Utility Tank” 

Last Episode:

Kakeru and Touko met at Kirinkan Lookout, and Kakeru promised to help Touko should she have questions about the future visions. Apparently glass and shiny objects trigger Touko’s visions. In their moment between the two of them at the summer festival, they both heard their future voices.

Elsewhere, Hiro pines for Sachi, and Yukinari pines for Touko, while Yana pines for Yukinari. So much drama llama it makes one’s head spin. Yukinari also confessed to Touko, with Yana eavesdropping on the both of them. Touko got embarrassed by the confession and ran straight to Kakeru…

This Episode:

Armed with the knowledge of her newfound powers, Touko wants to see the future even more. Momentarily, an image of her future self saying “I want to see the future too” pops up. She’s still confused about Yukinari’s love confession, so she calls Okikura up on the subject. That or she just wants to invite the guy she has a crush on over. It’s probably the latter.

While Kakeru makes his way over, Touko works on a glass piece. The shine in the glass piece produces a vision of Yana crying. Touko and Kakeru meet in secret in the workshop. And then he just leaves. I’m not sure there was any point to that meeting. Touko invites him to the hiking trip tomorrow, but he declines – he likes to be a stoic loner. BLEGH.

On the hiking trip, everyone but Sachi hikes up to a picnicking spot. Sachi gets a ride with Hiro’s sister. What’s the deal with her health anyways? While the rest of the team prepare food, Touko and Yana get water from the nearby creek. The two friends have a talk about Yukinari and the love triangle (blegh) going on between them. Yukinari is sent to check on them – no don’t do it, don’t do the walking in on them half naked joke – don’t, don’t – screw you show.

On the relationship fronts, Hiro almost confesses to Sachi, but can’t go through with it. Yukinari gets friendzoned by Touko – aw poor baby. The picnic then wraps up, and as the car pulls away, the sun shines off of it, giving Touko a vision of Sachi in the hospital. But the car is already heading down the road before she can ask Sachi how she is feeling.



I think seeing Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day before GLASSLIP really made it incredibly meh to me. After all GLASSLIP is a fairly harmless show. In fact there’s nothing glaringly wrong with it other than it being much too average. It’s a major reason why the show just doesn’t interest me enough from episode to episode.

When the plot all boils down to a “will they or won’t they” for every single character that gets screen time, you need something extra to keep the attention span. Anohana at least had compelling subplots for the leads. Not all of them were spectacular, but they rounded out the characters.

The only storyline that remotely caught my attention was that of Hiro and Sachi. The series does try to drum up some suspense with Sachi’s medical condition, but they go about it quite clumsily. For instance, why at this point in her life has she never been in a car before? What is her medical condition and what isn’t the show telling us anything about it?

As for the rest of the cast, they don’t rise up out of the background colours enough for me to care about them – especially Okikura. For one thing he isn’t in the show that much, only popping in from time to time. He also doesn’t have any distinguishing characteristics other than his future vision. The concept of the stoic loner character has never been one of my favorites either, to be honest.


Not for me. As I said before, it’s not an bad show. Just one that doesn’t stand out from the crowd. It’s far too easy to have no investment in the plot and the characters. So if you are looking for something to fill out your anime queue, this might be a placeholder.


2 thoughts on “GLASSLIP – Episode 3 Review – “Utility Tank””

  1. Honestly at ep 6 going on to 7, this just frustrates the hell outta me. The characters don’t do anything, the plot (assuming there is one) doesn’t go anywhere, and literally every ep is just lovely P.A. Works scenery porn with maybe a few key parts. Getting out early is a good idea as this one does not pick up in the slightest.

    1. Thanks for the heads up dude. Ya even from just 3 episodes it did not seem to be going anywhere. It’s an incredibly average slice of life, with the whole glass/future vision plot added to make the show “unique.” It wasn’t anger inducing, just didn’t hold much of my attention.

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