DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 3 Review – “Data_03_Presage”

noiz aoba kissI still don’t trust Koujaku. 

DRAMAtical Murder – Episode 3 Review – “Data_03_Presage”

Last Episode: 

Aoba won the Rhyme battle, but only because he changed into a different personality. We met (possibly) our antagonist, a government official named Toue. Aoba mysteriously takes “medication” for an “accident” he had a couple of years ago, which has affected his memories. Clear, the man in the gas mask with white hair, introduced himself to Aoba. Lastly, a figure from Aoba’s past pays him a visit at the shop…

This Episode:

a family meal

The stranger orders and pays for a product in an incredibly awkward fashion. He stares directly at Aoba the whole time, but leaves without saying more than a few words. As Aoba arrives home later he notices that the front door is unlocked. The stranger has completely nonchalantly let himself into Aoba’s room.

He reveals himself to be the one who dragged Aoba into the Rhyme fight. He subsequently challenges Aoba to another face-off. He starts to threaten Ren, when Clear, Koujaku and Grandma Tae all show up as backup. Tae then forces them all to sit down and eat some food together. XD Just what is going on? XD

After some eats, the stranger introduces himself as Noiz. Koujaku recognizes Noiz as a member of the “Ruff Rabbit” gang. While that is happening we get a quick aside with the tall dark and silent guy, who is watching a commercial about a new utopian society called “Platinum Jail.” It seems he has something to do with the clearing out of people who were in the area meant for this new paradise.

At the shop the next day, Noiz shows up again to scare off small children, and then plant a kiss on the lips of our main hero. He appears to be very oblivious to sexual norms, personal space or well – tact for that matter. He extends an invitation to Aoba to join his gang. That night Grandma Tae secretly meets with an assistant to Toue. The man smiles and says “so he’s alive then.”


noiz aoba

I still don’t trust Koujaku, as he just seems like the type of character who will be revealed as incredibly evil later on in the series. He also seems to be in places by “coincidence” far too often. He just seems too trustworthy and helpful.

I am interested to see what the concept of the “improved society Platinum Jail” entails. What does it have to do with tall dark and handsome as well? As for Grandma Tae, I wonder who she really is. I don’t think she has any real family connection to Aoba. The memories he has of her could be planted – it’s not a plot point that hasn’t been used before.

On an animation note, this episode had a ton of awkward fade transitions in odd places, coupled with weirdly out of frame characters. In one shot, Koujaku’s right arm takes up about 75% of the screen for no reason. Some of the animation looks a bit off, like they didn’t have enough money after the battle sequences. Just to put this in perspective, I saw the corrected version of this episode, and not the incorrectly released demo version that circulated around the internet earlier.


Sure – the mystery has drawn me in enough to keep a watch on this one. While the characters aren’t spectacular yet, at least their designs are visually interesting. Let’s see where DRAMAtical Murder takes us.


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