Hanayamata – Episode 3 Review – “Girls’ Style”

james bond?Time to meet the rest of the cast.

HaNaYaMaTa – Episode 3 Review – “Girls’ Style”

Last Episode:

Yaya and Naru had a fight because of Yaya’s jealousy. She saw the extra time Naru was spending with Hana. The spat was resolved thankfully, after Naru danced for Yaya. Seeing just what it meant to Naru, Yaya told her that she would support her in yosakoi no matter what. Naru still needs some practice XD.

This episode: 

yaya + hana
You annoy me but I like you. XD

Hana and Yaru finally get the courage to enter the yosakoi shop. They find that the manager, Ohbune Masaru, is actually quite friendly, even with his imposing figure. He directs their attention to a poster for the Hanairo Yosakoi Festival. They will need some more members before they are to perform in it though.

At school Hana gets to work handing out flyers, trying to drum up interest. Naru attempts to contribute but mostly just hides behind her stack of flyers. The student council president stops by to inform them that they aren’t even an official club yet. They’ll need a teacher for a club advisor and at least two more members before they can do anymore club activities.

Hana knows of a possible teacher for the job – Sally-chan, who always seems to get caught up in student’s problems despite not wanting to. She tells them to come back to her when they have 4 members. Hana’s solution is to hold a live yosakoi performance in the school hallway. Other than getting her weird looks it doesn’t effect much. Naru is so adorable as she hides in the stairwell – “I don’t have the guts to do that.”

That weekend, Naru and Hana are practicing in the park, where Naru’s friend Nishimikado Tami comes across them. She admires their work before heading on home. (Since she’s in the opening we know she’ll join the team later) It’s also a long weekend, so on the last day Yaya and Naru plan to go see an anime movie. By chance, Hana ends up out front of Yaya’s family restaurant.

Before she knows it, Yaya is spending the whole day hanging out with Hana. Even though in Yaya’s words, she “loud, tactless and clingy.” Hana wins her over by putting into words why she likes to live life so strongly: “There’s only so much time, so let’s spend it having fun!” You can tell that Yaya is thinking to herself, “shut up Hana, you’re making me like you.” XD Eventually she realizes that she is becoming friends with Hana despite herself, because “you can’t help but be happy around her.” Then she realizes that she completely forget to meet up with Naru XD. Whoops.

We close out the episode on a bit of bad news though, as the student council president has declared the rooftops off limits. Hopefully they’ll get the roof back and the other members together sooner than later!


Nishimikado Tami
Nishimikado Tami

Another quality episode that kept me smiling the whole time. I loved the opening bit with the two girls spoofing James Bond, and the fourth wall jokes like Hana questioning why Japanese songs have English words in them. The show does a clever “hey we don’t know why either” in response.

I’m also liking the relationships between our lead characters. I can tell that even though Hana gets on Yaya’s nerves, Yaya still wants to act like an older, more responsible sister towards her. Building the connection gradually between the two is a nice touch as well.

As for the new characters of the school council president and Tami, we haven’t had enough interactions with them to create any particularly pertinent discussion. I am however, looking forward to getting to know them more.


spunky hana

Yup, I’ll be sticking with this one for at least this season. The cuteness and adorb feels have won me over. Plus I can’t help but cheer on Naru!


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