Love Stage!! – Episode 3 Review – “If Only It Had All Been A Dream”

sad izumiRape is not funny.

Love Stage!! – Episode 3 Review – “If Only It Had All Been A Dream”

Last Episode:

The commercial went through without any hitches, thanks to Ryouma upping Izumi’s confidence. After the wrap, Ryouma sought Izumi out in order to confess his love – his ten year stalking adventure– and win over Izumi. Shougo reveals that Izumi is indeed biologically male, which spirals Ryouma into a rage. He calls Izumi a pervert and cross-dresser. He insults both Seya brothers, calling them talentless hacks that are riding the coattails of their parents.

This Episode:

The Drama Marble
The Drama Marble

Things are back to normal, with Izumi going to college and Ryouma doing more acting gigs. One day, Rei finds the good luck marble, with a crack in it. Rei convinces Izumi to apologize for breaking the marble. Why? Who cares? He even says to go find a replacement. Again, why? This is creating drama for drama’s sake.

Ryouma is having frequent dreams about Izumi, and mistaking small child actresses for him. So what does he do? He goes to the Seya household to resolve this love he’s had for 10 years. There he goes again with his stalker tendencies. The Seya’s just hand the house over to him and bugger off for a party. Yes, trust your house to some actor you barely know. Unfortunately they are just that moronic.

Then Ryouma sexually assaults Izumi, all the while wacky music plays in the background. The only thing that stops it from being rape is Shougo walking in on them. I was hoping it wouldn’t take this direction, but Love Stage!! completely let me down. To top it off, they pretend it was all a dream for a second just to rub it in the audience’s faces.

Izumi spends the next few days hiding in his room, which is understandable. Shougo’s next gig is a double act with who else but Ryouma, where Shougo vows to get revenge for his brother.


mister elephant

Rape is not funny or wacky, nor should it be the basis for any relationship. The fact that this is a trope in yaoi is not an excuse. I find it disgusting and it has really turned Love Stage!! rotten very fast. Ryouma is not a symphathetic character – he’s a stalker and a rapist. Sadly I just know that Izumi is going to inevitably fall in love with him. It saddens me even more that people will love this series because of it. It’s scum like this that makes me sad about humans and media that is created by them. There’s so much better anime out there that doesn’t trivialize rape.

I think I’ll stick to yuri thank you. At least there it’s more focused on being adorable and believable. Sakura Trick is a great yuri if you are looking for one to fit your queue.


No thanks. This leaves an extremely bad taste in my mouth and I don’t think I can bring myself to watch anymore. I’ll just wait until the next yuri series becomes available. If anyone has yaoi recommendations that don’t include rape, let me know!


4 thoughts on “Love Stage!! – Episode 3 Review – “If Only It Had All Been A Dream””

  1. Seems like everyone is let down by Love Stage!! — I’m have to admit that I’m not fond enough of the manga to watch it after hearing folks reactions…
    If you want a consensual yaoi OVA, Haru wo Daiteita fits the bill. It is a simply a grown up love story (with lots of sex and drama, of course) — I’m pretty sure that in the entire 16 volumes of the manga there isn’t one actual rape (a couple threatened ones, but not one that ever happens).

    1. Thanks very much! It’s hard for me to find a yaoi I actually enjoy. It’s the opposite for Yuri!
      Ya, personally I’m not fond of things that trivialize rape. At least Love Stage!! wasn’t shotacon though..that shit creeps me out.

  2. Yeah, in the right mood, I can handle pretty much the most hardcore yaoi out there, but shota just gives me the willies.
    If you like the grown up kind of yaoi, you might also want to try the “Close the Last Door” OVA. It’s a consensual yaoi about salarymen and has a decent story, although it’s too short, if you ask me.

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