Terror In Resonance – Episode 3 Review – “Search & Destroy”

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Terror In Resonance Review – Episode 3 – “Search & Destroy”

Last Episode:

Twelve and Nine left another riddle and bomb for the police, who are too late to stop if from exploding in time. Shibazaki figured out the riddle, but did not relay it to the police chief Kurahashi in time – it was actually planted in the police station. Yet again there were no casualties from the explosion. Kurahashi asks Shibazaki to join the force again. Twelve also met up with Lisa, telling her that while she is an accomplice, she is not a member. If she makes any wrong moves, Twelve will kill her.

This Episode:

white hair girl
Who is this child?

From here on out, I’m not going to give away the whole episode for Terror in Resonance. It’s the first show of this season that is too good to be spoiled. Shibazaki rejoins the police, against the wishes of some of his fellow policemen. He soon proves himself to them though, as he is able to quickly identify the next riddle that Twelve and Nine send the police’s way.

We also get some backstory for Twelve and Nine. They appear to have been raised inside some sort of facility. There is also a child with white hair, who may or may not become more important later. It also appears that Twelve has had other false identities before, like that of a worker at the plutonium facility that he later stole from.

Lisa makes a major decision, with her insanely paranoid mother and the constant threat of bullying weighing on her. Before the episode closes, Shibazaki bites back at Sphinx, adding his own personal message. It seems he has an unsolved case that might just be connected.


What kind of facility is this?
What kind of facility is this?

Man this series is good. I loved the character touches with Shibazaki this episode. He is calm and rational when looking at the riddles, but also brash and forward when he confronts Sphinx. It appears that he has a personal connection with bombings, having lost loved ones to them in Hiroshima. What I like though is that it wasn’t completely spelt out to us. There was enough there for us to draw this conclusion, but enough left out for someone to draw another.

The use of internet videos and live streaming from both the police and Sphinx is a welcome plot device. While it will certainly date the show in the long run, it feels like a necessary and important element to keeping the tension up during the episodes. Again, I always feel anxious watching these episodes, which means they are doing their job. I’m also massively entertained at the same time.

I am very interested to see more of Nine and Twelve’s past and what their connection to the child with white hair is. Will that person come back later in the series? And what is Lisa going to pan out to be in the long run? Will she become a member, or remain a loose end? I would also like to find out the deal with her overly protective mother.


Yes, so much yes. I love a smart thriller series that makes use of interesting, out of the box characters. Looking forward to this one.


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