Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 3 Review – “Dove” 

utaPsychos popping up everywhere.

Tokyo Ghoul – Episode 3 Review – “Dove”

Last Episode:

Ken discovered a way to control his hunger with the help of Sir, a manager of a coffee shop. Apparently coffee is the one thing besides human flesh that Ghouls can eat. Nishiki attacks Ken for a second time, but this time with Ken’s friend Hide being caught in the crossfire. To safe his friend, Ken uses his ghoul powers to take down Nishiki. Rize then awakens inside Ken and tries to persuade him to eat Hide. Thankfully Touka stops him in time. Ken accepts Sir’s invitation to work at Anteiku. Hide (probably) overhears Ken talking about being a Ghoul. Two men named Amon and Mado surveyed the scene of the Jason – Rize fight, and appear to be very excited about some development.

This Episode:

Amon and Mado – “Doves”

A Dr. Yamori Fueguchi is approached by a figure that we are not shown. He requires replacements for something. He appears to be a serious threat, as his daughter Hinami is sent to Anteiku (the coffee shop) for protection. Another reason for her to be under their care is that the “Doves” are about town, killing Ghouls for information.

The two Doves in question are Amon Kotaro, the straight laced professional, and Mado, a crazed but powerful man. They are part of an organization called CCG, which aims to eradicate all Ghouls.

Ken has now started working at the coffee shop under the guidance of Touka and Sir. He is sent “food shopping” with a largely silent man named Yomo. “Food shopping” entails Anteiku plundering the bodies of suicide victims to give sustenance to Ghouls who do not actively hunt.

As the Doves are increasing their presence, Ken is sent to a Mr.Uta, who is to give him a mask. The mask will help him go undetected by the dangerous Doves. While that is in production, Ken strikes up a friendship with Hinami. She reads Takatsuki, his favorite author, as well. This impresses Touka a tiny bit, who is our obvious tsundere for the show.

As the Doves close in on the location of Dr. Fueguchi, a tall, expressive and dramatic fellow in a red suit steps into the coffee shop. Is this the “gourmet guy” Mado was talking about?


Hinami Fueguchi
Hinami Fueguchi

First off, I like the absence of Rize in this episode. I feel like her appearing in every episode would bog down the plot. I’m wary of getting connected to Hinami though, as they made her very sympathetic. She had some sweet moments with Ken as well. It seems like there’s the possibility she might be heading for a tragic fate.

As for the other new characters, Uta was an interesting addition. He has a goth/emo/punk look (I admit I don’t know the differences enough), with a personality that was expected to come with the archetype. However, I enjoyed when he was on screen, for has a calming effect. The antagonists Amon and Mado make an interesting team. Mado is clearly not in the right mind but his talents are noticeable so far. As for the man whose face was hidden, we will have to wait and see where on the villain scale he lands.

I was not a huge fan of having Touka take on the tsundere qualities, as those usually get on my nerves, but it’s a well-established device of anime, so I can’t complain too much. I am however, waiting to see how Hide deals with the knowledge that Ken is now a Ghoul. He plays dumb around them, but I’m pretty sure he’s clued into what’s going on. Lastly, Ken was mostly a passenger this episode, but it fit the groove of the plot.


The "gourmet" ghoul?
The “gourmet” ghoul?

A tentative yes. I have heard from the manga readers that the show has skipped whole arcs and plot lines, but from an anime only standpoint it has been pretty good so far.


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